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Almost Sunset at Boracay

Strong waves reminiscent of Baler’s surf slammed the sandy shores of Boracay. I set my camera on a tripod and tried to capture the force of liquids against solids. The weather however had other things in mind and poured a slather of rain which the wind promptly picked up and whipped against me and my not-so-waterproof camera.

Empty Pergolas Along the BeachTaking shelter on an empty wooden pergola along the beach, I let the heavens weep it all down. The plan was to walk the whole stretch of Boracay’s White Sand Beach, from Station Three to Station One and back again.

It was thirty minutes past three in the afternoon when the rain abated. It was time to walk. Station three, considered the cheapest area in Boracay in terms of lodgings and restaurants, was my starting point. The cream-colored sand was unimpressive. I picked a handful, it was course and grainy.

Boracay Paraws Docked Along the BeachThe wind was still whipping and boats docked along the sandy shore had their sails drawn. Paraws, boats with dual outriggers fitted with sails are a common sight across the azure waters of the island. The weather, however, has them moored on the shore, their colorful sails wrapped against the massive sea breeze.

Alone Time at Boracay BeachSour weather however is not a deterrent to tourists flocking the white sand beach of the island. People of various nationalities, ages, shapes and sizes were still having a grand time frolicking on the ebbing tide, burying themselves on both water and sand.

Spanning more than two kilometers, Boracay’s white sand beach’s shoreline simply never ends. The water was ebbing further as I walked farther. The beach, which was almost non-existent a few hours ago due to the massive tide was now as wide as two basketball courts. Walking from the beach arcade to the water’s edge literally takes minutes.

Enjoying the Fine Sands of BoracayI paused and was surprised to see that the sand was not shifting beneath my feet anymore. I picked another handful and found the sand that sailed thousand travelers across vast oceans to the Philippines. It was as fine as cement powder. Boracay’s finest at last.

My tread was leisurely. I was not in the city, trying to catch time. I walked slower, savoring the grit of very fine sand between my toes.

Paraws Across Boracay's HorizonThe afternoon presented itself as a yellow sky patched with gray clouds. The wind crawled along with my pace and the Paraws broke their colors.

Taut muscles pushed the wooden boats moored on fine sand and launched the festival of colors to the blue-green waters of Boracay. The horizon started to fill with colorful wind-propelled sails, similar to postcards I’ve been seeing about the place.

Boracay's Willy's RockA mass of craggy black rock appeared on the horizon. Another Boracay icon, Willy’s Rock. A queue was constantly in motion at the mouth of the stairwell leading to an image of the Virgin Mary. A mini-grotto for believers, or so it seemed.

At first, I thought the people were paying their respects to the Virgin, but as I got closer, I saw what was really happening. They climb a flight of stone steps, stand right beside the image and pose for the cameras from their companion waiting below. Then it’s their companion’s turn. Religion and faith is probably the last thing the island is associated with.

Sunset at BoracayThe sky flared as I was starting to lose hope of catching the much talked about Boracay sunset.

Like an eye opening across the horizon, the sun poured warmth on the beach. The wet sand mirrored it and sent it back up to the heavens. Dark blues swirled above everything, wanting to steal the yellows and oranges, but the sun proved too strong. Embers lit the sky long after the sun retired below the horizon, afterglows of a victorious afternoon.

Golden Sands of BoracayThree hours had passed since I started my walk and I can still see a stretch of sand far off the horizon. Dusk had settled and evening arrived. I paused, looked back from where I came from and was unable to see it. The sky pulsed an electric blue and artificial stars lit up the boulevard. Another side of Boracay, the one I really don’t care much for, woke up.

Evening Settles at Boracay

Boracay Location Map

Boracay Beach
Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

How to get to Boracay: By Plane, through Caticlan
Airport or Kalibo Airport via all major airlines. By Ferry, through Batangas Port via 2Go Shipping Line.

GPS Location: 11.963929,121.92487
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here


Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Wednesday, October 17, 2012


  1. Sana matuloy tuloy na ang plano namin dito. As usual, super inviting Boracay!

  2. I never thought one could lay down in writing the beachwalk of boracay perfectly. Thumbs up with this. :)

  3. Wasn't able to catch the sunset when I was here. :-(

    Random question: did you ask permission from the parents of the kid before you took photos of him? I guess I'm asking because I couldn't do the same with such proximity. hehe

  4. Elal Jane Lasola
    Kelan kayo punta Elal? :)

    Fats Silven
    Thank you for reading and appreciating it :)

    Ryan Mach
    Too bad, I also almost didn't catch the sunset. Regarding the kid photo, yes I asked permission before shooting, then I gave them my card and told them to e-mail me so I can send them a copy of the photos :)

  5. Wow! I love how you write this post about Boracay! You have a flair with words!