AURORA | A Grey Stormy Beach at Baler

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Not yet fully satiated in soaking up the cold waters of Caunayan Falls, we decided to head to Sabang Beach at Baler for another round of water fun. The sky was darkening as we navigated the streets of Baler, looks like Typhoon Chedeng was finally knocking on Aurora’s doors.

We arrived at the beach at four in the afternoon, it looked almost like twilight with slow dark clouds looming ominously over the horizon.
Bad weather it seems is not a hindrance for the locals of Baler; the beach is still filled with people walking its shores, swimming on its wavy waters and riding the surf.

Baler’s beach is really not the typical Boracay paradise one might be accustomed to. Here the sand is not really that fine; being grayish brown and a bit pebbly at the water’s edge. And its water is not calm nor placid at all; it is absolutely hammering.

In fact you can hardly swim here, what you can do instead is stand about chest deep in water and wait for the incoming waves to pound you senseless. And that is what we did the whole time we were in the water; I’d have to say it was much more fun than swimming haha.
These crashing waves are actually what made Baler a favorite spot for surfers. It was almost evening and still, surfers dot the horizon likes ants on a moving hill. I’ve been dreaming of riding the waves since I was a kid, I’m just not sure if I can do it.After tiring of slamming into waves, we had a quick snack at the nearby Bay’s Inn restaurant; a huge Pancit Canton dish (Php85.00) which looks good enough for three. Gone in less than five minutes, we were back at the beach in no time.

Rain finally pelted down on us as we were having a stroll along the shore. It seemed everyone had already gone besides a few lone surfers treading their own surf grounds.
There were hardly any lights as we arrived back at the establishments along the shore. We found, as we were munching on fishballs and tuknenengs, that the whole of Aurora’s power was shut down due to the incoming inclement weather.

Dang, it seemed Typhoon Chedeng finally caught up with us.

     Sabang Beach
     Baler, Aurora
     View Location on Google Maps

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  1. i'd give up my one month salary to be in baler for one month. not that i have work though, hahaha.

    btw, is it really you on fb? hahaha.

  2. Kaya nga, while I was scrolling down, napa scroll up uli ako. Nawindang ako sa effect eh ng 3rd pic! bangis! very lively shot! not to mention, u got me with your last one! maruno ka mag surf kuya?

  3. I've never been there, but I heard it's a nice surf spot. It's something I'd like to try as well. :D

  4. i remember the huge waves in Baler when i was there many, many years ago (before Google :p). i binged on seafood. i've always wanted to go the highway going to Aurora has been concreted?

  5. ang sarap naman dun, tagal ko na rin plans mag aurora never na tuloy . parati may bagyo..

  6. riding the wave is indeed way better than swimming in it :)

  7. wish we could conquer the waves of Baler someday..after learning how to swim haha!
    great 3rd pic! :)

  8. Kuya Mccoy, why didn't you post your attempts standing on a surfboard? That would have delighted your readers even more... hehehe

  9. Lakbay Philippines
    Haha that's really me in FB, unfortunately haha

    Thanks, that was taken with my underwater P&S hehe

    Secret! Haha abangan mo last post about surfing :)

    Do check Baler out, di sya masyadong expensive for travellers

    Yup most of the road are now good, balik na!

    Mas masaya sa Aurora pag may bagyo, mas malakas ang mga alon :)

    Nice! Kita ko nga yung kinain nyo dun :)

    Haha yup, wala naman masyado makita sa ilalim ng tubig sa Baler, ride the waves na lang

    Punta na! You don't need to swim pag nag Baler ka, papahampas ka lang sa alon, and the water's not that deep :)

    Excited ka naman hehe, later pa yun :P