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Monday, May 08, 2017

Cheap Flights via Traveloka

We were in trouble. Lounging by the beach at Koh Rong Samloen in Cambodia with no care in the world, we thought of reviewing our itinerary for the Vietnam leg of our Same Same Summer Trip. We checked each destination, counting the days that we’d be spending in the country when we suddenly realized that we’re two days more than the allotted visa-free days for Filipinos in Vietnam.

Currently, Philippine tourists are allowed to stay visa-free in Vietnam for only twenty one days. And we have twenty three days on our itinerary. We were doomed. We ran down our options. It was either we get a visa extension, which would cost us at least USD40.00 each, do a visa-run on any nearby border, or rebook our flight. The first one was expensive. The second option was too much of a hassle. And the last one wasn’t an option at all since our flight was from a seat sale promo.

Running out of choices, I remembered Traveloka and how I was able to book cheap flights from it for immediate dates.


Luckily, we bought a local sim card when we arrived in Cambodia, so connecting, even on a remote island in Sihanoukville was no problem at all. We set our dates, making sure we also wouldn’t be messing our visa-free stay in Thailand (since that was where we would be coming from), and fired up the app.

Booking on the Traveloka App is much cheaper than at their website since they have promos that are redeemable only on mobile. I noted down the current promo code, which is readily available on the app’s promo tab, and proceeded on our intended date of departure.

Cheap Flights via Traveloka

The app quickly listed all the flights available on that date, with the lowest fare right on top. Surprisingly, even with only a couple of weeks before our date, the price was unbelievably low. It was about the same cost as applying for a visa extension in Vietnam, but definitely without the hassle. It was a no brainer then, we’re booking a new flight instead.

My details, and even my travel companion’s, was already saved on the app from my previous flight booking and hotel booking with Traveloka, so it was a breeze as I tapped on the next few pages. I always bring my credit card with me during trips, but again, it was already pre-filled, so it was completely hassle-free even if in case I forget to bring my card with me.

Cheap Flights via Traveloka

In total, our AirAsia flight from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh cost PHP 4,707.40. Minus the PHP500.00 promo code, it totals to 4,207.40 or PHP2,103.70 each person. Only a hundred peso more than if we apply for a visa extension. I know—more than anyone else—being on a limited budget on a two-month trip, that this is an unnecessary travel cost that could’ve been prevented should we have been more prudent in planning our trip. But these glitches happen to the best of us, and we were just relieved that there are reliable travel apps on our phone that we can easily turn to during these instances.

With everything smoothed out. It was back to lazily lounging around the beach with cold Klang beer in hand.

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