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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Puerto Galera Philippines

Puerto Galera has always been a preferred destination for those looking for a weekend away from Manila. The fact that it's only three to four hours away from the city, coupled with its stunning white beaches and quiet atmosphere all make Puerto Galera so popular.

Lately, the town has seen a rise in popularity among foreign tourists as well, which is a good thing as resorts and tours become even better developed. While still primarily a quiet beach town, Puerto Galera now has a lot more activities and attractions it can offer. It's still a perfect location to relax at the beach and forget about the hassle of urban life, but that doesn't mean you can't also get a taste of the unique style of the area.

Here are what we believe to be the top five attractions to try in Puerto Galera for those who are looking to get away from the beach.




Diving Puerto Galera

Even if you decide to get off the beach, you'll probably find it hard to stay away from the waters too long. As with many popular beach spots in the Philippines, most attractions revolve around the waters and marine life. Puerto Galera is no different, as it has some of the best diving spots in the whole country.

Puerto Galera has been declared a protected marine sanctuary all the way back in 1977, which really helped its marine life thrive and prosper. With over forty different dive spots to choose from, it's really only a question of picking the one most suitable for your level.

Most of these dive sites are only ten minutes away from Sabang and they all provide a stunning sample of the local aquatic population. One of the most popular diving spots is the hole in the wall–a sixty feet descent to a cave filled with corals, small fishes and even bigger ones like white tip sharks. For more advanced dives, one could go to Shark Cave, where you descend ninety feet to a cave where white-tips usually go to rest.

For beginners, the most recommend place to go is the coral gardens. A relatively simple dive of no more than nine feet, it's also considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Here, you can fully discover the richness of sea life and marvel at its beauty. The greatest thing is, you don't even have to dive! The coral gardens are also the best place for snorkeling.

All these spots are extremely easy to visit–with tours leaving from Sabang all day long. You can ask your resort for help in setting these up, or just head to Sabang and book it yourself. It's also possible to include diving and island hopping tours into a Puerto Galera travel package to save some extra money.



Puerto Galera Waterfalls

Those with some experience travelling the Philippines might not be too amazed with the waterfalls around Puerto Galera. They are not as spectacular as the country's most famous waterfalls such as Kawasan, Pagsanjan or the waterfalls of Iligan. That being said, Tamaraw Falls don’t fall too much behind any of these and definitely belong in the same list.

Tamaraw Falls is the most beautiful and popular waterfalls near Puerto Galera, the only downside is that it takes roughly two hours to reach. Over there you'll find a few small streams combining together into a magnificent waterfall. The pool at the bottom is filled with cool, refreshing water and is perfect for a swim.

Other waterfalls such as Aninuan, Tukuran and Talipanan Falls are less impressive but are much closer to the White beach area. They still make for a refreshing getaway from the heat of the beach and a great activity for families. Since these are less famous, there's a better chance you won't find many people there and have the place almost entirely to yourself.



Mangyan Village Puerto Galera

If you plan on visiting Talipanan Falls, consider paying a visit to this nearby village as well. It's only a twenty-minute walk from the falls–a nice hike in itself following the streams through the thick forest. Mangyan village is the home of the Irayas, one of the indigenous tribes of Mindoro.

The villagers try to keep their old traditions and way of living and seeing; it is a very interesting learning experience.

The village is especially famous for the woven baskets they make. These are beautiful, hand-made works of art that help the tribe support itself. You can buy these at the village itself but it might be better to do so in Greenbelt once you get back to Manila. Sure, it will be more expensive but at least you won't have to carry the baskets with you on the ride back.

Visiting the village is best done with a guide. He can help you communicate with the locals and understand their traditions better. That said, it's perfectly safe and simple to go there on your own. The villagers are very friendly and polite, as long as you treat them with respect, of course. This place is great for kids and adults alike–with a chance to learn more about a nearly forgotten culture which is a big part of Filipino history.

This tour is something you can't really experience anywhere else in the Philippines. The rare combination of nature, culture and history makes this visit really one of a kind. The only one resembling it might be the Batak village in Coron–one of the most recommended tours in Palawan.



Puerto Galera Beach

Fitting for a popular beach location, Puerto Galera's beaches have many attractions you could try. Jet skis, parasailing and wakeboards are available at most beaches. Some beach resorts also offer banana boats and flyfish rides which you can try even if you are not a guest there. These are appropriate for almost all ages, perfectly safe and great fun.

Nights at the beach are also quite nice, especially if you are staying at White beach or Sabang. While it’s not the wild parties of Boracay, there is still a pretty lively nightlife scene here. You can easily find somewhere to grab a drink and enjoy the show. Many places have a local band playing, but you can also just grab a bottle of beer and simply stroll down the beach to soak up the atmosphere. The fire dancer shows are especially nice and quite exciting to watch.



Puerto Galera Secret Beach

There are no less than 32 different beaches in Puerto Galera. Some are popular and full of tourists, while others are fairly remote and secluded. While you will most likely stay at either White Beach or Sabang where most resorts are found, you should still consider checking out some of the less popular locations as well.

Talipanan beach, for example, has some really luxurious resorts for much more affordable prices. It's also extremely close to some of the attractions we mentioned earlier. The beach is also much quieter and so it offers a completely different beach experience, more suited for couples and families. There are even more remote beaches than Talipanan, such as Haligi, where you have a good chance of being completely alone.

Resorts in Puerto Galera run island hopping and can help you reach most of this beaches and islands if you wish to. It can make for a nice day away from the crowds, full of swimming, snorkeling and relaxing at the quiet beach.


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