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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guisi Beach in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

It was nine in the morning when we woke up. The sky was finally showing some colors and the beach looked inviting; quite far from the previous night’s seething waves. At last, the weather seemed to be clearing up. I stripped off my shirt, unmindful that I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and ran to the sandy shore of Guimaras’ Guisi Beach.

The Trail to Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Guimaras

Coming from Iloilo City, we decided to head to Guimaras to spend a couple of nights before pushing through to Boracay. Alubihod is the usual beach of choice when in the island, but we don’t want none of that. We want something more secluded, a place where most tourists find too far to stay in. Guisi Beach was the obvious choice.

Guisi Beach in Nueva Valencia, Guimaras

And when in Guisi Beach, there really aren’t that much options when it comes to accommodations. As of this writing, it has only two lodgings for tourists; Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort and Kenyama Resort.

We chose the former since they have more affordable rates and have a beachfront property.

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

Rates start at Php700.00 for their two-person fan rooms. With that kind of rate, I knew we really shouldn’t be expecting much. And we were quite right. Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort is a basic, no-frills accommodation for the not-so-picky traveler.

Four-Person Fan Room at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

The rooms were furnished by nothing but beds; no bedside tables, no closets. The walls are unpainted, the floor was laid with linoleum, the doors are made from woven sawali reeds and there were no electrical outlets inside for charging our gadgets.

Common Area at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

Like any modern travelers, we’ve got loads of electronic stuff to charge; good thing there’s an electrical outlet at the common area right outside the rooms. When we’re not charging there, we’re doing it at the restaurant on the ground floor of the resort.

Common Toilet and Bath at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

There are eight types of rooms at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort, each one varying in capacity. A few are air-conditioned, but only one of them has an en suite toilet and bath. For the rest of us cheapskate travelers, there is the common toilet at the far end of the second floor. It’s clean enough, but improvements are definitely welcome.

Six-Person Fan Room at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort’s published rates as of March 2014:

Fan Room (2 Pax) Php 700.00
Fan Room (4 Pax) Php 1,200.00
Fan Room (6 Pax) Php 1,700.00
Family Cottage (10 Pax) Php 1,300.00
Dorm Type Cottage (10 Pax) Php 1,800.00
Aircon Room (4 Pax) Php 1,600.00
Aircon Room De Luxe (2 Pax) Php 2,000.00 with Breakfast
Aircon Room (6 Pax) Php 2,200.00

Beach Huts at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

Breakfast is not included in the resort’s rates, so you have to shell out at least Php80.00 per meal at their open-aired restaurant at the ground floor. You can eat there, but during our stay we requested to have it served at the huts right beside the beach.

Pets at Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort Hallway in Guimaras

There are no nearby eateries and sari-sari stores in the area, so better bring your own snacks if you’re the snacking kind of traveler. I heard that you can bring some food in, but they do charge a hundred bucks for corkage. We brought in a bagful of homemade chicharon from the Guimaras market, which was really, really good by the way, and they didn’t charge us for that. I’m guessing snacks are corkage-free.

Guisi Beach in Nueva Valencia, GuimarasWould I recommend Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort? If you’re looking for luxury and pampering, this resort is definitely not for you. But if you’re on the hunt for a no-frills, backpacker-cheap accommodation while in Guisi Beach, then this one rightly fits the bill. Plus, the Guisi Lighthouse is just a stone throw’s away from the resort, perfect if you want to shoot in during sunrise and sunsets.

Guisi Clearwater Beach Resort
Address: Barangay Dolores, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras
Contact Number: (0919) 563-6688 | (0932) 4905-818
Facebook: Click Here
GPS Coordinates Map: 10°29'12.8"N 122°28'39.0"E

Guimaras Tour Guide:

Cherald Pajodenog (0908) 474-8122

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