CEBU | Cliff Jumping at Boho Rock Resort in Poro, Camotes Island

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Poro Rock Resort in Poro, Cebu

The plan to crisscross the area from Poro to Santiago in Camotes Island didn’t push through. The new plan was to now stay at the Boho Rock Resort in Poro for the night and push ahead with the traverse the next day instead.

Boho Rock Resort is a public beach that Porohanons frequent. There is a minimal entrance fee and a few cottages for rent. The tourism office was kind enough to let us occupy one of the halls as our sleeping quarter.

The Sea from Poro, Camotes IslandI was looking for the beach part of the resort but was surprised to see no stretch of sandy shore. What I saw from the resort though was the sea stretching endlessly on the far horizon. It seems that the resort was elevated from the sea. In fact, it was perched quite high from sea level.

Going Down Boho Rock in CamotesTo access the water, one has to navigate a series of steps that winds down to a mini islet where a few more huts are located. The rock islet is circled with white balustrades, it’s still quite a drop to the waters below.

The Concrete Bridge to Boho RockThe afternoon sun was sending golden highlights along the surface of the rock as I slowly walked down the concrete staircase. The view from Boho Rock was fantastic, rock outcroppings rose on my right as I continued my flight and the horizon was filled with nothing but the calm blue sea which was now showing hints of warm colors.

Slides to the Sea at Boho RockOn the far end of the rock, I saw some slides that shoots straight to the sea. Funny slides eh? And then the kids arrived and started riding it, rushing and propelling them onwards to the waters below. It was a good 18 feet of nothing but air before one hits the sea.

The View from the 40-Foot Jumping PlatformI also saw two jumping areas where one can hurl one’s entire being to the mercy of the sea. The first cliff was around 18 feet high and the other was a monstrous 40-footer. I asked the kids if they can jump from the monster cliff and they vigorously shook their heads. I guess even the locals are daunted by the dizzying height of the cliff.

The kids started jumping on the smaller cliff and I decided I wanted to jump too. I don’t really know what got into me as I’m really not the daredevil kind of traveler. Looking at the kids jumping, something just clicked inside me.

Jumping at Boho RockI prepared myself. Walking carefully to the platform, looking down at the calm water below. I mustered all the guts I have, counted to three, prayed, ran and jumped.

I felt the wind and I felt the long drop. I had never jumped something this high and it took a few seconds of stomach-quenching weightlessness before I jetted down the waters of the warm sea. My feet never touched the bottom before I was propelled upwards into the surface.

I did it and I wanted more!

Shooting from the 40-Foot Drop at Boho RockI lost count of the number of times I jumped, stopping only as the sun retired and early evening arrived. I also checked out the 40-foot cliff, seeing if I can gather the courage to jump from that horrific height. But it was really too high. For a first timer, I guess I have an excuse not to jump from such heights yet. I contented myself in shooting from the ledge.

Boho Rock Sunset at Camotes IslandThe stars came out, the wind whipped and the horizon turned an electric blue. Evening engulfed Camotes Island and we retired to our camp.

I know Boho Rock hasn’t seen the last of me yet. I dream of jumping that monster 40-foot cliff someday. I know of one gutsy girl traveler who has done it and someday I will too. Blue Evening at Boho Rock at Camotes Island

Poro Location Map

Boho Rock Resort
Address: Brgy. Western Poblacion, Poro, Cebu
Entrance Fee: Php10.00
How to get there: From Danao Port in mainland Cebu, ride a Ferry to the Port of Poro (Php472.00). Hire a habal habal and ask to be dropped at Boho rock.

GPS Coordinates: 10.628464,124.401299
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here


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  1. I liked the view from the view deck of the resort. I was expecting some sands din sana kasi I am not one who is comfortable jumping on waters haha.

  2. it looks like a romantic place for a honeymoon. and maybe even a wedding ceremony or an engagement party

  3. naks congrats on your jump! ganda ng view, i can spend the whole day just sitting there, madaming kape dapat :D

  4. Amazing place! I'd love to jump off that cliff. I don't know why those slides look more nerve-wracking than the cliff, haha.

    Great blog! :)


  5. wow this is long!
    and you did jump! a feat I'd like to achieve too

  6. eek! i need to go there! sooooon :)

  7. Christian. I like the last and second photo. with unique style....of shooting.

  8. yeah! will do it soon! next week! :) the 40-ft cliff jump! =)