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Monday, December 03, 2012

Lake Danao at Camotes Island

Our muddy trek shoes crunched on the narrow gravel strip that makes up the road going to the main thoroughfare of Camotes Island. The darkness was almost complete except for the stars twinkling in between the whispering boughs of leaves overhead and the artificial lights of the distant houses in the neighbor. We sacrificed sleep to head for the biggest lake in the Visayas Region, Lake Danao.

Boats for Rent at Lake DanaoTogether with I of Kalimbonisan, we boarded a very early morning van to the port. The morning air was crisp with dew as we again sped off by habal habal to the deserted Santiago Beach which left me unimpressed before heading to Lake Danao in the town of San Francisco.

Lake Danao Park at Camotes IslandRoaring into the deserted roads of Camotes Island, our motorcycle zoomed past rows of cornfields and tree tunnels before parking on a clearing filled with colorful banderitas, a remnant of the town’s Soli Soli Festival which is being celebrated every 3rd Sunday of March. An egret perched on a huge log announced that we had arrived at Lake Danao.

The Serene Lake DanaoThe morning was still fresh and blues peeked from the cloud overhead. The lake was extremely serene and perfectly mirrored the heavens. A wooden wharf branches off into the waters where small rentable boats are docked; perfect for those wanting to explore the 680 hectare area of Danao Lake including its two mini islets, Crocodile and Snake islands.

Reflectng the Sky at Lake DanaoThe lake is a nature haven, home to carps, tilapias, milkfishes, gobies and catfishes. Birds like egrets, herons, grebes and whistling ducks also frequent the area around lake which looks like an eight figure when viewed from above.

Kids Swimming at Lake DanaoKids swimming and wading in the banks greeted me as I made my way through the sides of Danao. I found a brick trail circling the lake covered by thick vegetation of trees and shrubberies. A zigzagging picturesque pathway with lush greens on the right and the calm waters on the left.

The Trail at Lake DanaoThe sun rose higher and shimmered on the waters of Lake Danao. Our visit to Camotes Island’s great lake was a bit short, leaving much of its acres and acres of waters unexplored but it left a very nice impression on me. Lake Danao is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever visited.

San Francisco Location Map

Lake Danao Park
Address: Poblacion, San Francisco, Camotes Island, Cebu
Boat Rentals: Single Php50.00/30mins | Tandem Php150.00/hour | Sakanaw Php50.00/head max of 20pax

GPS Coordinates: 11.071909,124.699882
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. Parang ang sarap mag-meditate dyan every morning... Swerte pa din kahit short stay ka lang dahil ang ganda ng lake.

  2. the serenity of the body of water helps a lot in seeing a bigger picture of the surroundings -- you see the real thing and its reflection which is sometimes more interesting.

    1. Sometimes the reflections are indeed more beautiful than its origins :)

  3. nice photos. a good place for some hiking and a picnic. looks relaxing and peaceful.