POSTCARDS | Mayon from the Boulevard

Sunday, September 02, 2012

For two days straight we planned to shoot the sunrise from Legazpi City’s seaside boulevard. And for one reason or another we always failed to wake up early.

For our last day in the city, we finally managed to get up on time. We hurried to the baywalk to witness the sun rise opposite the majestic Mayon Volcano. We were still a bit late for the golden colors but it was enough for us that the elusive volcano showed up under its usual blanket of clouds.

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  1. I'm such a fan. You take such breathtaking pictures, sir. Any plans of publishing a coffeetable book? I'd be on the front of the queue. :)

  2. The pic is worth the few winks you guys lost by waking up earlier than you normally do.

  3. this post only made me miss albay more :( lovely shot

  4. Ah yes, this lovely maiden is always shy and hiding behind the clouds.

  5. Anonymous
    Been thinking of self-publishing a coffee table book for quite some time, I'm really not that sure if anyone would buy it :)

    Haha yes indeed

    Albay is such a beautiful province, I'm sure I'll be back :)

    Ryan Mach
    True, we really got lucky Mayon showed up every time we went out :)

  6. In Spanish they say it: "Esta es bella! Bella! Bella!"

  7. JuanderfulPinoy
    Yup Albay is full of surprises :)

    Haha salamat :)

  8. i've never seen it personally yet, but this looks really nice.. :)

  9. Rian
    Mayon Volcano is an amazing sight, that is if it's not hiding behind clouds :)