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Camp Bud Datu Sulu

The weather was cool and the breeze felt nippy. The panorama from the balcony we were standing on was incredible. From our vantage, we can see the sprawling land filled by trees. It felt like we were in Tagaytay City but for the crescent moons topping the graceful roofs of mosques and minarets. We were in a military camp in Sulu, Camp Bud Datu.

Military Escorts Camp Bud Datu Sulu

From the MBLT-6 Camp in Patikul, where we were based during our four-day stay in Sulu, our convoy of three trucks, a bulletproof SUV and a tank clambered up the mountainous region of Sulu to visit the eco-tourism center at the town of Indanan at Bud Datu.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, October 30, 2014

Quezon Beach in Patikul Sulu

Three kids, rowing and playing with a seemingly too narrow bamboo raft paused in front of me. Take our pictures please! They playfully hollered at me. Above their heads, a feather of a cloud was lighting up with fire. A few inches above their ankles, the warm sea was lazily pushing waves, lapping the white sandy shore of Quezon Beach.

Military Escort in Quezon Beach at Patikul Sulu

It was another fulfilling day of taking portraits in Patikul, a town in the island province of Sulu. With a few hours of daylight left, the group decided to chill a bit and visit one of the beaches in the island. Quezon Beach is located less than half a kilometer away from the MBLT-6 camp where we were bunking in, but still, we went there with full military escorts; safety being the primary concern of our hosts.

One of Sulu’s sultans lives right in front of the beach, Mohammad Muejuddin Jainal Abirin Bahjin. He gracefully chatted with us and even gave us some coconut drinks before we stripped off and ran to the waters.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Juan Portrait in Patikul, Sulu

Okay, you’re next, one of the teachers told a bashful girl wearing a traditional Muslim clothing. She led her to where I was standing and coaxed her in their local dialect, Bahasa Sūg, to smile a bit.

Taking portraits is really not my forte, finding rocks and waves much more interesting. But there I was, trying my very best to talk to these shy kids to pose in front of my camera. It was something alien to most of them; something they’re probably doing for the first time in their lives.

En Route to Kaunayan Elementary School in Patikul, Sulu

The distance between where we were staying, the Marine Battalion Landing Team-6 camp at Barangay Buhanginan and the Kaunayan Elementary School, where we were to photograph the kids, was only 600 meters. Close enough for a leisurely seven-minute walk.

But we weren’t allowed to do that.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, October 27, 2014

Drinking Beer Outside the NAIA Terminal III

It was still some hours before our flight to Zamboanga City; our jump-off point to the province of Sulu. We were headed to the town of Patikul in particular. And I was totally dreading it.

With time to kill, we got out of the airport and bought a few cans of Red Horse. We brought it to a grassy patch near the terminal and guzzled a few down. I was hoping to unknot the terrible loops forming in my stomach.

And then we were flying. The metro was still dark as we took off. There’s definitely no going back now.

Flying Over Metro Manila En Route to Zamboanga City

Some weeks back, I was invited by a photographer friend, Chris Linag, to join a shoot in Sulu. Having never been to that province, I immediately said yes; it was for a good cause anyways. We’d be going there to take portraits of school kids, print them and give them back the next day. Easy, right?

It was the second time they’re doing this so I assumed that Sulu is a safe place; so much so that I never even bothered to research about.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, October 24, 2014
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KLM Get friends & WIN!

KLM Philippines launches a new game on Facebook today where you can win a pair a roundtrip tickets for the Netherlands. For those mooning over a winter trip to Europe, the game is easy enough.

Simply head over to the KLM Philippines Facebook page and share the link of the game on your Facebook timeline. Every successful invite to join the challenge earns you 10,000 game miles. And for every 30,000 miles you accumulate, you get one eligible raffle ticket.

Simply put, you get one ticket for every three friends you refer. And you can refer as many as you can.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, October 23, 2014
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First Philippine Travel Calendar 2015

I still vividly remember the exact moment I brought up my camera, focused and pressed the shutter on a particular limestone cliff in Palawan. It was a Coron trip from two years ago with my family. We just got off from our boat and climbed the rickety platform attached to a karts soaring above the aquamarine waters.
First Philippine Travel Calendar 2015

And now, it’s on the front cover of Eastgate’s First Philippine Travel Calendar 2015. They’re the same guys that publish the multi-awarded Mabuhay Magazine and the Best of the Best: Philippines coffee table book. I knew that they’re gonna have my photo on one of the calendar months, which turns out to be January, but I didn’t know they’re gonna plaster it on the cover.

If I’d only known then, I would’ve taken out my DSLR and used it instead of my measly Canon D10 underwater camera. I used to be lazy like that haha.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, October 21, 2014

North Bound Issue 12

North Bound magazine’s twelfth issue features Baguio City, my all-time favorite city in the country—I can go there every month and enjoy it every single time. And I’m lucky enough to feature some of the best places to eat in the city through my photos.

North Bound Best Eats Along Session Road

North Bound is a free mini-magazine—usually distributed on hotels and restaurants—that features the northern provinces of the Philippines. The article is divided into two segments; the first one is their Best Eats Along Session Road, which features my photo of the Pizza Volante interiors.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, October 20, 2014

Pool Area at Siripanna Villa Resort Spa in Chiang Mai

From the alley leading to my villa at the Siripanna Villa Resort, I spied a swimming pool hidden behind green hedges. Without dropping my bag, I immediately went looking for its entrance. Going through it, an elevated pool, mazelike in its unique design greeted me. It also made me want to drop my backpack and strip. I wanted to swim through the pool’s meandering pathways right there and then.

Lounge at Siripanna Villa Resort Spa in Chiang Mai

Siripanna Villa Resort & Spa is our home for two nights in Chiang Mai. From the lobby, I can already see that this is no ordinary resort; its architecture and interior design is fashioned after the Lanna tradition of northern Thailand and it looked awesome (and not to mention, expensive).

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Sunday, October 19, 2014