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Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay

Finding a good cheap place to drink in Tagaytay has always been a problem for us. Not that the city is lacking in bars, but beer prices are simply too expensive for our usually meager budget. Having a bottle or two on those kinds of places wouldn’t be a problem, but we drink in buckets. With stress on the s.

And so it was, after our very satisfying lugaw dinner at Merienda ni Nanay, we proceeded to the restaurant strips lining Tagaytay’s Magallanes ridge. We went to the second floor veranda of the original Starbucks Tagaytay for a quick cup of coffee, always a nice chill place to hang out, before hunting for cheap beer.

We tried the nearby bars overlooking Taal Lake and its diminutive volcano, but the prices, as we expected, were just too high. Almost losing hope and thinking of settling at the Baguio-ish Mile Hi Diner—our usual watering hole in Tagaytay, which has no view of the lake—we took a chance at Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine.

Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay

The restaurant is located right beside Starbucks Coffee, where Teriyaki Boy used to be, and it looks expensive—the main reason why we really didn’t check their menu right away. The interiors are all very well done—swanky and very clean—and it even has a rooftop dining area complete with roving musicians jumping from one table to the next (which I hate, lol).

Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay Beer

The rooftop area was packed full, but the ground floor dining hall and its adjacent al fresco patio was completely empty. We took a look at their menu and were floored to find the price of alcohol. A bucket (six bottles) of Red Horse beer is only PHP270.00 or PHP45.00 per bottle! Add PHP150.00, and you can upgrade the bucket with a plate of pulutan; you can chose from sisig, tokwa’t baboy, fries, and onion rings. Great!

We seated ourselves outside, wanting to enjoy Tagaytay’s chilly evening with our beer. It was surprisingly empty, even on a Friday night, perfect for stories over alcohol.

Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay

One of the staff was kind enough to bring us complimentary cups of hot bulalo soup. It seemed weird, paired with beer, but we thankfully took it nonetheless. After quickly finishing it off, it made us want to order something more. And that something more, a plate of pork barbecue which wasn’t bad for PHP120.00 (three pieces).

Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay Barbecue

The flavor was absolutely fantastic, only thing was, some parts were not as tender. Next time, we’d definitely ask for a well done version of this one.

Jaytee's Filipino  Cuisine Tagaytay Garlic Chicken

We went back at Jaytee’s Tagaytay the next night, this time, with a couple of more friends who just checked in at Crosswinds Tagaytay. Again, we forewent with the pulutan paired with the beer bucket and instead asked for their garlic fried chicken. It was a Saturday night, and again, the place isn’t as crowded as other drinking places in Magallanes.

Over stories, we drank our beer, feasted on the fried chicken and enjoyed Tagaytay’s cold evening. Finally, a new drinking home in Tagaytay, and with a view to boot!



Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine Tagaytay
Address: Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Magallanes,
              Maharlika East, Tagaytay City, Cavite
Contact Number: (0929) 613-0678
Open Hours: 8:00AM to 3:00AM
Menu | Facebook | Instagram
GPS Coordinates Map: 14.102285, 120.952237

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Sunday, May 21, 2017

Puerto Galera Philippines

Puerto Galera has always been a preferred destination for those looking for a weekend away from Manila. The fact that it's only three to four hours away from the city, coupled with its stunning white beaches and quiet atmosphere all make Puerto Galera so popular.

Lately, the town has seen a rise in popularity among foreign tourists as well, which is a good thing as resorts and tours become even better developed. While still primarily a quiet beach town, Puerto Galera now has a lot more activities and attractions it can offer. It's still a perfect location to relax at the beach and forget about the hassle of urban life, but that doesn't mean you can't also get a taste of the unique style of the area.

Here are what we believe to be the top five attractions to try in Puerto Galera for those who are looking to get away from the beach.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, May 19, 2017

Merienda ni Nanay Tagaytay Lugaw

We were so hungry we were ready to eat our camera straps. It was several hours back in Manila when we’ve had our last meal. We rode the three-hour bus trip to Tagaytay, checked in at Crosswinds Tagaytay, and did some photo ops. It was fully dark when we alighted from a jeep at the Magallanes Square, the happening area in the city, for some grub.

It’s unbelievable that even with our level of hunger, we were still picky on where to eat. Our criteria? The budget. We’re set on having plates of longsilog and tapsilog paired with a serving of Tagaytay bulalo at Ahy Foodhouse, my favorite cheap tapsihan in the city. We were devastated to find an empty spot instead of a carinderia, the guard at the 7-Eleven told us that it has since moved to another place.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The afternoon was at its most beautiful when we finally decided to go out of our room. With golden rays slanting heavily on the pines surrounding Crosswinds Tagaytay, we were almost tempted to walk the three-kilometer winding road all the way to the main highway where we can hail a jeepney to the city’s downtown area. The light became more radiant as the resort shuttle dropped us off at the cafĂ© with a faux windmill, and like crazy kids, we quickly ran down the road. We were hoping to catch the resort’s iconic Hollywood-esque sign bathed in golden light which could only be seen right on Tagaytay’s main road.


It’s been quite a while since we last visited Tagaytay, and with our two-month Same Same Summer Trip looming ahead, we thought of having a quick staycation south of Manila. The thought of sipping a hot bowl of bulalo and a few bottles of beer overlooking the Taal Volcano made us pack our bags for the weekend.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cheap Flights via Traveloka

We were in trouble. Lounging by the beach at Koh Rong Samloen in Cambodia with no care in the world, we thought of reviewing our itinerary for the Vietnam leg of our Same Same Summer Trip. We checked each destination, counting the days that we’d be spending in the country when we suddenly realized that we’re two days more than the allotted visa-free days for Filipinos in Vietnam.

Currently, Philippine tourists are allowed to stay visa-free in Vietnam for only twenty one days. And we have twenty three days on our itinerary. We were doomed. We ran down our options. It was either we get a visa extension, which would cost us at least USD40.00 each, do a visa-run on any nearby border, or rebook our flight. The first one was expensive. The second option was too much of a hassle. And the last one wasn’t an option at all since our flight was from a seat sale promo.

Running out of choices, I remembered Traveloka and how I was able to book cheap flights from it for immediate dates.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, May 8, 2017
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The Heritage Hotel Manila

It’s hard to miss The Heritage Hotel Manila’s iconic facade. When I used to frequent Las Pinas, I usually pass it en route to the city right before the Baclaran Church. When going to the airport, I can’t help but notice its windowed rooms facing Manila Bay, making me wonder what its interiors looks like. And last month, after an invite to try their monthly buffet specials, I finally did.

The Heritage Hotel Manila Lobby

Located at the corner of EDSA and Roxas Boulevard, The Heritage Hotel Manila stands proud along Pasay’s skyline. The four-star hotel opened its doors to guests in 1994 and has 450 well-appointed rooms with balconies angled towards the Manila Bay. Outside, its architecture is modernist, but once you enter its airy lobby, it transforms into a much more classical look.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, May 5, 2017

Boracay Travel Guide Itinerary Budget

Boracay Island is one of the most loved and most hated island beaches in the Philippines, depending on who you ask. It has one of the finest, if not the finest, white sand in the country, has clear aquamarine waters, and boasts of, not one, but ten white beaches throughout its coastline. The island is also a favorite for watersports; parasailing, banana boats and jetskiing, you name it, Boracay has it. Below the surface, there are quite a few snorkeling and diving sites around its immediate vicinity. And all these has led to the island being voted by numerous travel publications as one of the best beaches in the Philippines, and even the world.

Ironically, this is also why people steer clear of Boracay. The island has now become so famous that people arrive in droves and development has mushroomed uncontrolled. Add in its wild nightlife, and you get people shaking their heads and moving on to quieter vacation places.

But the reality is that this island really isn’t for that idyllic holiday; this is the Philippine’s party island. Once you accept that, you’ll find that a trip to Boracay can be quite unforgettable.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Almost Sunset at Boracay

Strong waves, reminiscent of Baler’s Sabang Beach, slammed the shore of Boracay’s White Beach. I set my camera on a tripod and tried to capture the force of water against sand. The weather, however, had other things in mind. It poured a slather of rain, which the wind promptly picked up, and whipped against me and my not-so-waterproof camera. I was drenched.

Empty Pergolas Along the Beach

Taking shelter on an empty wooden pergola along the beach, I let the heavens weep it all down. The plan was to walk the whole stretch of Boracay’s White Beach, from Station Three to Station One, and back again.

It was thirty minutes past three in the afternoon when the rain finally abated. It was finally time to walk. Station Three, considered the cheapest area in Boracay in terms of lodgings and restaurants, was my starting point. The cream-colored sand was unimpressive. I picked a handful, it was course and grainy.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, May 1, 2017