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Okay, I beat my previous year’s Lakad Pilipinas year-ender by almost a week! It’s now the 18th of January, and it’s actually the first time I’ve tried writing a real article since the New Year commenced. The days after the holidays always set my writing in limbo, hopefully this kickstarts it for the new year.

2017 saw me traveling outside the Philippines more than around our own island. Don’t scold me just yet, I didn’t particularly planned it that way, it just happened. Heck, I didn’t even set foot in Baguio this year, which is kinda sad since I make it a point to visit my favorite city at least once a year. I promise I’ll make it up this 2018.

And as with the previous years, C was my constant companion on almost all of these trips, with our best travel buddies, Team RH, tagging on some of them. Why travel alone when you can share the road with your friends, yeah?

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, January 20, 2018
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My mom’s birthday was last month, so I decided to surprise her with..a trip to Japan! Now my mom has never been to Japan, so I really want to make this trip worthwhile and enjoyable for her.

Usually, when I travel with my parents, I try to rent a car. It’s hard for older people, especially those with knee and hip problems, to keep up with the fast pace of Japanese public transport. My mom also shops a LOT, so having a car would make things much, much easier in this case.

Tabirai is not a car rental company, it’s an online portal for comparing rental car companies and online reservation for rental cars. It’s an online car rental portal and booking service that allows foreigners to rent a car from outside Japan, and then pick it up when they arrive. The website is entirely in English, and really easy to use. Tabirai even has a friendly English guide for first-time users of their site.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, January 18, 2018
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#SEAthephilippines SeaOil 2018 Calendar

SeaOil recently launched their 2018 desk and wall calendar. Dubbed with the hashtag #SEAthephilippines, it features twelve destinations around the country situated with SeaOil gas stations.

Photos from Cebu’s Osmena Peak, Bukidnon’s Golden Shower, Laguna and Quezon’s Villa Escudero, North Cotabato’s Asik-Asik Falls, Leyte’s Kalanggaman Island, Rizal’s Wawa Dam, Samar’s Lobo Cave, Cotabato’s Grand Mosque, Dapitan’s Floating Cottage, Pangasinan’s Enchanted Cave, Antique’s Giant Kawa, and Mountain Province’s Kiltepan Peak grace each month’s page with a snippet about the featured spot.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Inflight Traveler’s Top Campsites in the Philippines

A few photos I took on the provinces of Sorsogon, Masbate, Occidental Mindoro, Leyte, and Cagayan Valley, made its way to the pages of Inflight Traveler’s most recent issue.

Inflight Traveler’s Top Campsites in the PhilippinesInflight Traveler’s Top Campsites in the Philippines

Still on major bookstores and select cafĂ©’s, the March to May issue features the seven best campsites in the country—three of which I contributed, namely Amazona Beach in Abra de Ilog, Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, and Sibang Cove in Calayan Island—which I have yet to blog. These are all from non-sponsored trips I took during my heydays as a backpacker, lol.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Friday, January 5, 2018

Tokyo Day Tour

It’s confirmed, we’re staying in Tokyo for another full day. A few minutes before we actually went out of our lodging in Asakusa, Enaka Central Hostel, we checked our phone for our flight schedule and found that it has been rescheduled. Instead of a midmorning flight, we’re having our flight from Tokyo to Manila via Cebu Pacific at midnight due to the typhoon that just passed Japan. We cannot be more happy with this news!

Tokyo Day Tour Meiji Shrine

Quickly gathering our wits, we immediately formulated a plan. After visiting nearby prefectures like Nikko in Tochigi and Hakone in Kanagawa, a quick day tour of Tokyo was indeed in order. We consulted the Klook app for cheap Tokyo tours, but it was way too late to book one then. So, we did what we usually do best, do a Tokyo walk, DIY style.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Enaka Asakusa Central Hostel

It was on our last day in Japan when the rains stopped. We woke early, needing to catch our flight back to Manila via Cebu Pacific. With backpacks hoisted, we checked our flight on our mobile phone for the last time before heading out the door and, tadaaah, it was cancelled due to the recent storm and rescheduled for later that evening! You can just imagine our joy with that news; it means we suddenly have an extra full day to explore Tokyo on our own! Hurrah for cancelled flights! C went back to our dorm room, while I checked out the roof deck of our hostel—it was fully dry, at last!

Enaka Asakusa Central Hostel Street

The previous night, we transferred to a second lodging. Coming from Wired Hotel Asakusa, our next accommodation was just a few minutes walk away, ENAKA Asakusa Central Hostel. We found this via Agoda [CHECK DISCOUNTED RATES & AVAILABILITY], and it was the cheapest hostel we could find that’s within striking distance from where we were.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Tokyo Japan Evening

We mostly spent the light of days outside Tokyo. On our first day, we rested, tired from the flight from our unbelievably cheap flight from Manila to Tokyo via Cebu Pacific. But on our second day in the city, we woke early to catch a train to visit Hakone, hoping to have a glimpse of Mount Fuji amidst dreary weather. On the third, we scrambled across Asakusa for a day trip to Nikko. It’s all well and good, but how about Tokyo? Don’t we want to see Tokyo?

Of course, we did. We saw Tokyo after dark.

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Nikko Temple Run

Without umbrellas, we braved the incessant rains and visited the olden temples of Nikko. It was pouring harder than the previous days and it was incredibly hard to go from one place to the next. The scenery, century-old temples on backdrops of pre-autumn foliage was nothing short of poetic. But taking photographs was out of the question as our lenses quickly filled with droplets the moment we train them on anything. One thing was for sure, we needed umbrellas!

Nikko Temple Run Gojunoto Pagoda

As with our one day Hakone Free Pass Tour, we booked our Nikko Travel Pass from Klook right after booking our cheap flight from Manila to Tokyo via Cebu Pacific. We got it the same day we booked our previous tour via the easy-to-use app on our phone—easy breezy. The pass can be used for two to four days in Nikko and Kinugawa—including transfers from Tokyo and back—and it is unlimited. As a bonus, you can also utilize it for discounts on selected tourism facilities and souvenirs shops in Nikko, Kinugawa, and even Asakusa!

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Thursday, December 14, 2017