CEB SUPER PASS 2024 | How To Purchase & Redeem at Cebu Pacific

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

How To Purchase & Redeem Cebu Pacific’s CEB Super Pass

The latest airline seat sale has taken a new form with Cebu Pacific Air’s CEB Super Pass. It used to be that you’d need to know exactly when and where you’ll fly before burning the midnight oil to wait for a seat sale. Now, you just book with no extra thoughts on where or when you’d go.


  1. What Is CEB Super Pass
  2. How To Book A CEB Super Pass

    1. Can Foreigners Buy A CEB Super Pass?
  3. How To Redeem A CEB Super Pass
  4. When Is The Next CEB Super Pass Seat Sale

    1. Is There A CEB Super Pass Pre-Sale?
  5. CEB Super Pass Problems & Solutions / FAQ

    1. What To Do If Your CEB Super Pass Is On Hold
    2. Misspelled Your Booking Name In CEB Super Pass
    3. Forgot To Add Your Second Name In CEB Super Pass
    4. Unable To Redeem CEB Super Pass For Multiple Passengers
    5. Unable To Redeem CEB Super Pass For A Child Passenger
    6. What Happens If You Book A Wrong Destination
  6. How To Contact A Cebu Pacific Live Agent


So what exactly is Cebu Pacific’s Super Pass? It’s a ₱99.00 base fare voucher you can purchase only during Cebu Pacific’s CEB Super Pass sale which you can then use to any local destinations in the Philippines on any given day—minus a few blocked dates, usually holidays. It’s somehow like the AirAsia ASEAN Pass, but with a longer duration, more flexible, less complicated, and on a local level.

The only thing you need to enter is the first and last name of the passenger who will intend to take the flight. You can enter your name and anyone else’s name. And that’s it, you’re done. Note that CEB Super Passes are absolutely non-transferable.



Here’s a step by step guide on how to purchase a CEB Super Pass.


1. Head over to

2. Sign in if you have a Cebu Pacific account. This is optional, but this makes tracking your CEB Super Pass purchases easier.

3. Scroll down until you see the CEB Super Pass button. Click on it and you will be redirected to the CEB Super Pass Page.

step by step guide on how to purchase a CEB Super Pass

4. Click on BUY CEB SUPER PASS button and indicate how many passes you want to get, maximum is ten vouchers but you can buy again.

5. Enter the first name and last name of the passenger who will take the flight. You can also enter the names of friends and family who wants to buy the pass. Note, that the pass is non-transferable.

Ensure that the names you entered are free of errors, since it cannot be changed afterwards (there is a fix for minor errors—see here: misspelled names). For those with name suffixes like Jr. or Sr., make sure to enter this on the First Name field.

6. Enter your payment details (credit card, debit card, Paypal, Alipay, or travel fund), then click Pay.

CEB Super Pass Voucher Confirmation Page

7. You will then be redirected to a voucher confirmation page if your attempt is successful and your CEB Super Pass and receipt will be sent via email.

Can Foreigners Buy A CEB Super Pass

Yes, foreign nationals can buy and use CEB Super Pass vouchers. This is particularly useful for foreign backpackers who want to explore different parts of the Philippines without being locked on exact flight dates.

This is also helpful if you have foreign friends or relatives who wish to visit parts of the country. They can either buy it themselves, or, you can buy it for them. Just be sure to have their names and birthdays on hand, as you’d be needing those details when buying and redeeming.



And here’s how you can actually use your CEB Super Pass to get a ticket.

Note that you can only redeem your voucher 30 to 7 days before your intended flight date. There is a limit to the number of guests who can redeem a pass per particular flight—sometimes, just two or five slots—and there are days when there are no CEB Super Pass available for redemption at all, so book early. Note that the flights refreshes daily every 8:00AM, and not 12:00MN. If you’re travelling with a big group, you might be forced to take different flights to accommodate everyone in your group.

Another thing to note—since you probably would want round trip tickets for your travels, make sure that your return date is 30 days or less away from your redemption date, else, no available CEB Super Pass flights will be available for your planned return date.

Or if you really want to be the first to get the CEB Super Pass flights, you can book your departure date first (30 days before the flight), wait for a few days, then book your return date. The risk here is that you might not get your desired flight back even though you have already booked your departure date.

Here’s a step by step guide in redeeming a CEB Super Pass voucher.


1. Head over to

2. Scroll down until you see the CEB Super Pass button. Click on it and sign in to your Cebu Pacific Air account. If you don’t have a Cebu Pacific account or if you did not sign in to your account before booking your CEB Super Pass, enter the booking reference number and surname of the passenger. You will then be redirected to the CEB Super Pass Page.

How To Redeem CEB Super Pass

3. Click on REDEEM CEB SUPER PASS button, then put a tick mark on the guest who will take the flight. Tick two if you plan to redeem a round-trip flight. You can also choose multiple guests if all of them are planning to take the flight together. Click the CONTINUE button and you will be redirected to the Search Flight page.

4. Enter your intended destination and date, then select flights that are marked with CEB Super Pass.

5. Fill out your details and purchase add-ons if you need them.

6. Pay for the remaining dues—more or less about P1,000.00 (these are usually admin fees, terminal fees, fuel surcharges, etc). These differ per flight destination.

7. Once successful, you will be provided with a booking reference number for your flight.


For the past years, Cebu Pacific Air launched CEB Super Pass seat sales only once a year.

In 2021 the first CEB Super Pass was on sale on May 5 as part of Cebu Pacific Air’s 25th anniversary sale. In 2022, during the 10.10 sale on October 10. And in 2023, during Cebu Pacific Air’s last day of their anniversary month on March 31.

This 2024, as Cebu Pacific held another month-long anniversary celebration of seat sales this March, people assume that they would be having another CEB Super Pass sale. Anticipation was heightened as a silhouette of the CEB Super Pass icon was included on their teaser poster. However, much to the disappoint of CebPac frequent fliers, the sale didn’t happen. But if you look at the past sales, each one has a totally different date. So, keep watch, there’s still a big chance of a CEB Super Pass sale happening this 2024.

Is There A CEB Super Pass Pre-sale?

There is a social media post from a travel agency that has gone around Facebook claiming they’re pre-selling or have “pre-sale” Ceb Super Pass vouchers.

On a Facebook post posted by Cebu Pacific Air, they made it clear that this is not authorized by Cebu Pacific and that there’s no such thing as a CEB Super Pass pre-selling. The airline has also terminated the travel agency’s CEB user account.


What To Do If Your CEB Super Pass Is On Hold

CEB Super Pass Voucher On Hold

You have entered the CEB Super Pass website, entered the guest names, paid successfully, but received a Voucher On Hold message after payment. Did your payment go through? Or do you need to rebook again?

According to Cebu Pacific’s post on their Facebook page dated March 31, 2023, your booking successfully went through. “Guests with vouchers on hold will be sent their confirmation emails within the next 24 hours. We hope for your patience and understanding, and rest assured our teams are working hard to resolve customer concerns.”

There is no need to rebook, it will only cause double booking. If you have, however, rebooked again, contact Cebu Pacific to reverse the charges.

Misspelled Booking Name In CEB Super Pass

It happens that sometimes you misspell the name of the guest when booking a CEB Super Pass. Well, what happens if you do? Can you actually correct it? The short answer is no, but there is actually a way to correct it.

To do this, you would need to redeem your CEB Super Pass before being able to change your misspelled name. After redeeming it and actually getting a flight booking, contact Cebu Pacific Air and ask them to correct the minor spelling mistake on your name. If it’s just a couple of letters, they will correct the name.

Forgot To Add Second Name In CEB Super Pass

For those with second names and you happen to forget to add it to your CEB Super Pass booking, there are a couple of things to note.

Do you have valid IDs that use only your first name? If you do, then there’s no problem. Use that particular ID when boarding the flight.

If you don’t have a valid ID with just your first name, then that would be a problem. In my opinion, it would be quite hard to ask Cebu Pacific to correct your mistake, even using the method I outlined on correcting misspelled booking name. The only thing you can do is take your chance in boarding your flight using the ID with your two first names and hope they allow it.

Unable To Redeem CEB Super Pass For Multiple Passengers

CEB Super Pass Multiple Redemption Error

You booked all your friends a CEB Super Pass so you can all travel together, but when you tried to do multiple redemptions, the tick boxes are grayed out and you’re unable to redeem the passes at the same time.

This happens when the person you’re trying to redeem a pass with has a different confirmation number from the other passengers. Since you can only book ten CEB Super Pass at a time, the next batch you book will have a different confirmation number from the first batch.

To keep this from happening, make sure to book as many of your companions as you could on a single batch of CEB Super Pass, that way, you’ll all have the same confirmation number.

For example, if you’re six in the group, book six CEB Super Pass first with no double names—don’t max out the ten passes yet—that way all your outgoing flights can be redeemed at the same time. After successfully booking this, buy another six CEB Super Pass for your return flight redemptions.

Unable To Redeem CEB Super Pass For A Child Passenger

You are receiving a CEB Super Pass error: Children below 7 years old cannot travel alone. Please create another booking with an accompanying adult.

The reason for this is that you booked a separate CEB Super Pass for you and your child which resulted in two different confirmation numbers. To avoid this scenario, ensure that you book your passes for you and your child on a single CEB Super Pass session. Do not book your child on a separate one with no adult companion.

But what if you have already done so?

To resolve this, change the birthyear for your child to an adult on the CEB Super Pass redemption page, then once you have received your booking reference number, contact Cebu Pacific to request a change in birth year for your child.

What Happens If You Redeemed A Wrong Destination Using CEB Super Pass

CEB Super Pass Redeemed Wrong Destination

It happens, you were planning to go to Siargao, but you redeemed your CEB Super Pass on a wrong destination, like perhaps Surigao. What do you do then?

This actually happened to us. Instead of Siargao, we accidentally booked Surigao. We contacted the Cebu Pacific help line on Facebook, and they said the only thing they can do about it is cancel the booking and convert it to travel fund—both the amount I used to buy the CEB Super Pass and the amount I paid in redeeming the flight. After a couple of days, the travel fund has been credited to my account.

This, however, isn’t always an option. As I have another case where they didn’t allow me to convert the flight to a travel fund. So, I guess this would depend on the agent who would be handling your case. It’s still worth a shot to try though.

Another option is rebooking your CEB Super Pass. Once it has been redeemed on a wrong flight, you can rebook it to the correct flight. However, you would need to pay the fare difference.


Cebu Pacific Air has long since removed their telephone hotline and have also closed their physical ticketing offices in Metro Manila. So, if you have issues with your flights, bookings, or CEB Super Passes, you can no longer call them to have it fixed or go to their satellite booking offices. There are, nevertheless, four ways to contact Cebu Pacific Air should the need arises.

The first one is via their e-mail. This is the slowest, but easiest way to contact them.

The second one is by messaging them on their Facebook Page. Note that you will get a bot that will reply to your questions, so you need to type, “Need More Help”. The bot will then give way to a Live Agent. Waiting might take a while, especially during peak hours. Try to message during early mornings or late evenings.

The third way to contact Cebu Pacific is thru Twitter @cebupacificair. They do respond to tags, but I’m not 100% sure that they do.

And the last way to get in touch with Cebu Pacific is by going to their one and only physical office in Metro Manila, which is located at the level 3 of NAIA Terminal 3 Airport in Pasay City. They’re open daily from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, but be sure to get there early, as they impose a cut=off by 4:00PM due to the high volume of customers.

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