POSTCARDS | Chasing Waterfalls at Mt. Busay

Saturday, September 01, 2012

We were supposed to wake up at five in the morning to see the waterfalls in Mt. Busay. The keyword is supposed. We woke up three hours later and scrambled for the one hour trip to Malilipot, Albay.

We had no idea that there were seven falls in Mt. Busay and we were told each of them is reachable with a guide. After sweating and grunting through narrow pathways and sheer cliffs we passed Busay’s first, second and third crashing waterfalls. The last three falls were too far so we opted to go back after reaching and taking a cool dip at the fourth one.

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  1. literal na postcard, pang-DOT, galing!!

  2. Kulatipot
    Definitely! Di masyado malamig yung tubig, tamang tama lang :)

    Parang yan yung pinaka maganda dun sa apat na falls na napuntahan namin :)

    Thanks sir!

  3. I do not know if it is just me but I am strongly attracted to waterfalls, big and small. Sometimes, even dry ones...I just let my imagine runs wild.

  4. Daming gala idol, malapit bahay namen dyan. Mas maganda sa Vera Falls :D

  5. BertN
    Even dry ones? :P

    Wow saan yung Vera Falls?