METRO MANILA | Make it Makati: Capture it as it Happens Photo Contest

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A photograph I sweated over won second place in the recently concluded Make It Makati: Capture it as it Happens Photo Contest. I submitted five entries but only one got in.

With over 400 submissions entered into five categories; Artsy Makati, Green Makati, Party Makati, Sporty Makati and Techy Makati, being picked as one of the top entries was actually good enough for me. Artsy Makati received a total of 89 photo entries, and my image landed at number two. Not bad eh?

Makati City, particularly the Ayala Center has been known to photography circles as a no-man’s land. Whip out a big camera and a security would automatically appear by your side with a terse warning about shooting prohibition in the area. These restrictions were held down for more than a month as the contest commenced. Finally, photographers can shoot the beautiful business district to their heart’s delight. One can even bring tripods with no hassle from the guards! Imagine that!

With a hectic travel schedule, I sneaked in a few hours of my time to bring my camera and walk around the iconic district. With a travel appointment to Ifugao that same day, I only have a total of six hours to scout the area and produce decent enough photographs for the contest. It was now or never, the competition ends in a few days and I’ll be in Ifugao by then.

So I walked and walked; looking for unusual angles, wracking my brains for the categories.

Green Makati was easy enough as there were trees everywhere. But of course, everyone would probably be shooting the same obvious angles. I looked for something different and found the silhouette of PSE Tower 1’s silhouette blanketed by a screen of a Balete tree. One down, four to go.

Artsy Makati came into view an hour later. At the corner of Makati Avenue and Paseo de Roxas stands General Pio Del Pilar’s iconic sculpture. The framing was perfect; unfortunately the light was not that nice. I planned to re-check it again later for the sunset to get a more dramatic light but took a couple of safety shots too just in case it rains.

Not really a party person, I really have nothing for Party Makati. While waiting for the light to change, I remembered Fete dela Musiqe. Alrighty, I have a few concert photos of Pepe Smith from the event earlier in the year and they are eligible for the contest. Party Makati, checked!

The light turned very warm as the sun began to set. I hurriedly ran to Gen. Pio’s statue. The sky turned into an intense orange hue as I set my tripod and dialed my settings. Five shutter clicks later and I have the shot that landed second place in the competition. I knew right then that I have a winner on my hand.

While waiting to cross the street, I saw a wide view of Ayala with intense clouds forming overhead. I quickly re-set my tripod and did some light streaks from the crossroads. I have scoured my brain for Techy Makati the whole time and was unable to come up with anything. I guess it would do.

The clouds finally fell in a torrent of rain as I walked back to Ayala Triangle to do a retake of my Green Makati in better light. No such luck, the rain fell. Hard. Stuck at a shed near an underpass, I noticed joggers still running even with the torrential downpour. I brought out my camera, waited and got my Sporty Makati.

With all five categories checked, it was time to go home, change, eat and go again for my Ifugao trip. It was one heck of a dash back home; running through the wet sidewalks of Ayala, being stuffed like a sardine inside the brimming MRT en route to Taft Avenue, then doing the same thing all over through two more train rides to Monumento. After jumping into a jeepney and hopping on a pedicab, I was finally home.

It was the most tiring homeward trip I’ve ever had and I was telling myself it would be a big injustice if not one of my photos was chosen. Luckily one got picked and made that hell of a ride very much worth it. Thank you Makati!

               Here’s the complete list of Winners for Make it Makati: Capture it as it Happens Photo Contest: 

               Artsy Makati:  1st Place - Froi Rivera | 2nd Place - Christian Sangoyo | 3rd Place - Jaime Singlador 
               Green Makati: 1st Place - Klienne Eco | 2nd Place - Angel Fortun | 3rd Place - Brigido Alcayde 
               Party Makati: 1st Place - Richmond Chi | 2nd Place - Abigail Kua | 3rd Place - Mishale Aragoncillo 
               Sporty Makati: 1st Place - Mark Anthony Sola | 2nd Place - Angelito Sarinas | 3rd Place - Roger Tingle 
               Techie Makati: 1st Place -  Patrick Jayson Bayani 2nd Place - Joel Vicera | 3rd Place - Ralph Licerio

               Here’s the announcement link with full photos from PiPho’s page: Click Me

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  1. What a great eye you really have, plus a keen patience to wait for the right setting. It really deserves the 2nd place. Congrats

  2. Congrats! I love all of your entries! :)

  3. Ang GALING! Ang GANDA! :)

  4. naks, galing galing! ^_^ congrats ^_^

  5. Congratulations! I knew with your capability you could definitely win this. Your Artsy Makati entry is definitely a winner, the angle, the lighting, the mood, perfect! I also love the Techy Makati photo, so beautiful.

  6. Amazing gift of sight. Congratulations :)

  7. Congtrats sir Christian "mcCoy" Sangoyo..

  8. For the nth time, u made it kuya! Ganda.. All entries are great!

  9. ibang klase talaga mga kuha mo.congrats bro!

  10. galing! I jog here after shift during weekdays.
    pati joggers hulicam mo. hihihi!
    winner much every shot!

  11. Congrats again bro for a very unique shot....artsy makati.:-). You bring back in Makati with these shots.

  12. Marky Ramone Go
    It really pays to wait for good light :)

    Cris, Anonymous, Grasya, Marjorie Gavan, Nel, Kulatipot, Mark, Elal, Darwin, Anny, Mitch, Killerfillers, Ding, bertN, Pinay Travel Junkie
    Thanks friends! :)

  13. congrats! it's also nice to pick your brain into how these images were taken.. :)

  14. Rian
    Thanks! And it's also nice sharing behind the scenes to you guys :)