ROMBLON | Tabunan Beach at Banton Island

Friday, July 08, 2011

Puyo Island as Seen from Banton's Tabonan Beach

We arrived at Tabunan Beach at eleven in the morning. The heat was intense; the cobalt blue sky, emerald green waters, and cream-colored sand made everything seemed overly bright.

After taking a mental note to buy myself a good pair of sunglasses, it was exploring time. I actually was torn if I should hit the water first before taking pictures, but experience told me that once I don my snorkel, there was a big chance that I’d be in the water ‘til it was time to go. So I held off the lure of the sparkling sea and took my tripod and camera with me first.

A Perfect Place to Chill at Tabonan Beach, Banton Islands

There was supposedly a PHP 20.00 entrance fee to the beach, but there was no one around; we were the lone occupants of the cove.

The sand strip was really not that long, just around half a kilometer in my estimate. Boulders block both sides of the beach, and the back portion slopes steeply upward; it looks like this beach is accessible only by boat.

Banton's Tabunan Beach Southern End

Rentable open huts line the shore amidst lush coconut trees. At the back part, I saw a larger closed hut, which looks like a good place to stay in overnight. There was also a clearing on the left side of the beach surrounded by trees. Here guests can barbeque and have a grand feast using the available bamboo seats and tables.

Huts Along Tabunan Beach in Romblon

Not expecting to find the beach so beautiful, we unfortunately didn’t bring meat to barbeque nor anything substantial, for that matter, to eat for lunch. What we had were just some biscuits and two cases of beer. Warm Red Horse and Rebisco Crackers ftw!

Perfect Place for a Banquet at Banton's Tabunan Beach

D’s aunt says that this is Banton’s version of Boracay, well I haven’t been to Boracay but I’m sure the sand here is not up to par with the famous beach. Tabunan’s sand is fine, but not really powdery. Nevertheless, I count Tabunan Beach as one of the nicer beaches I’ve been to, it’s almost at par with the coves in Coron sans the gigantic karsts.

An overnight at Tabunan would be definitely be something to look forward to if I ever get a chance to revisit Banton Island.

Tabonan Beach's Northern End

Click to view location on Google Maps

Tabunan Beach
Address: Brgy. Yabawon, Banton Island, Romblon
Romblon Provincial Tourism Office: (042) 567-5145 | (0920) 629-5838

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  1. I am always drooling with your pictures. I should buy a good but light tripod! Ganda naman dito :D Anyway madaming fish? :D

  2. wala pa ba koya ang underwater shots?

  3. great beach. sand may not be that fine but the place looks isolated. but romblon as a whole though is isolated in the first place.

  4. Napakagandang beach...
    First and last shots nyo po... The BEST!!!... :)

  5. Tina
    Thanks! Ako nga rin I think a new lighter tripod, ang bigat kasi nung current one ko.
    Madami fishes pero mahiyain sa tao =[

    Merun na =P

    Dong Ho
    Haha true that. I really don't care much for the quality of sand really, basta may mai isnorkelan solb na ko haha


    Thanks! =]

  6. Maybe the sand is not as powdery as boracay. But the beach looks really clean!

  7. love the shots pa rin christian! i keep staring at them. :D
    whoa, bente pesos lang. swak na swak! :D

  8. I love the first picture! Did you use HDR software for this? :)

  9. Agree, great photos man. Was supposed to visit Romblon last holyweek but didn't pushed through, now I regret it more after seeing this post hehe

  10. Once again wonderful first and last picture! This place is a great discovery for Romblon to be known as a place to visit... including me which never heard much about the province and its places of interests.

  11. yaan mo Christian, next year pag bumalik tayo dadala tayo ng maiihaw sa beach. tapos dadala na din tayo ng battery and component. gagawa tayo ng MTV tipong r.kelly. fiesta!!! haha.

  12. Pre. Parang naibsan ang aking pagod sa mga pictures mo. soft masyado ang mga pictures sa mata. soothing to the eye.:-).

  13. Omiyageh
    I'm really not particular with beach sand, as long as they don't hurt my feet when walking barefoot, okay na sakin yun =]

    Thanks pre! Libre lang nga kami, wala taga collect ng bente eh hehe

    Sunset Goddess
    Thank you ma'am, did not use any HDR software po. Used photoshop to manually blend two exposures together.

    Aw that's too bad, Romblon's one of those island in the country that's barely touched by tourism

    Romblon is definitely one of the country's untouched territory

    Haha yoko ng may component. Dala na lang tayo pang gawa ng bonfire. Marami nang component sa Maynila, bonfire wala.

  14. lupit talaga! i've been eyeing Romblon pero wala pa rin akong time. thanks for sharing!

  15. I really envy the first and last photos! Waaaaa. Those are super cooooool.

  16. Supertikoy, Elal
    Thanks po!

    Those first and last shots were shot in long exposures. =]

  17. My island home. Na-miss ko tuloy.
    I could proudly say that the sea is as blue as the sky and as clear as the day. Thanks for visiting muly hometown.