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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Ethereal Coastalscapes at Banton, Romblon

On our second day at Banton Island, D’s aunt suggested we visit a fish sanctuary after seeing the photos I took on their backyard, Malabiga Beach, using my little underwater camera. I was almost jumping out of my skin to go, D never mentioned there was a fish sanctuary in the area.

Everyone was excited except my lazy friend who was really on vacation mode and too lethargic to get off the sofa. While tinkering with his PSP, he says he lacks funds for the boat since we had to pay extra for the unexpected boatride to Banton from Marinduque. I offered to pay half of it, and that at last brought his lazy ass up (grudgingly hehe) and he finally consented in going.

Boat Docked at Malabiga Beach Boat Docked at Malabiga Beach

We were eight in the group and had to rent two outrigger boats for the trip at Php800.00 each. We started off Malabiga’s shore at quarter to ten in the morning, the sea was placid with hardly any wind, perfect time to sail.

We pushed the boat to sea, put our stocks in, boarded, and glided off the coast of Malabiga.

Green Waters and Rocky Shoreline at Banton, Romblon

The shores of Banton are mostly made up of jagged rocky formations interspersed with numerous white sandy coves. I was surprised to see a few developed beaches complete with huts and colorful flags; I guess the remoteness of the place is not a hindrance for tourism.

From the rocky cliffs, the mountain island is carpeted with coconuts, lots and lots of coconuts. I’ve never seen this many coconut trees in one area. I asked D if copra farming is a major industry in the island but he said it was not, which was surprising.

Boatbuilding at one of Banton's Coves

Some part of the island looks almost Lord of the Ringish in its beauty, towering rocky crags of rocks with misty green mountains as backgrounds. The water all through the journey was consistently a vibrant green and blue.

From the hour-long trip, I got the chance to view half of Banton Island’s coastal area.

A View of Puyo Island in Banton, Romblon

As we neared our destination, our boat’s engine died on us. We were more than a kilometer away from the shore and in my mind I asking myself if we were gonna swim the rest of the way. Good thing the other boat helped us out.

Passing through Puyo Island, which almost transported us to Ireland, we eventually arrived at white shore of Tabonan Beach in Barangay Yabawon. The ride was a good preview of Banton’s southwestern half.

Click to view Location in Google Maps Tabonan Fish Sanctuary at Banton, Romblon

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  1. ganda nung first pic! wow saka yung last two pix! pede ba akyatin yung island na un?

  2. Ganda talaga ng shots mu and super inviting ng post mo. Parang humahabol tuloy ung Romblon sa list of to go places ko :D

  3. Lestat
    Hehe thanks! Tingin ko pwede akyatin, mukhang may maliit na daan pataas eh hehe

    Thanks! Romblon is surprising indeed =]

    Salamat sir!

  4. I'm really upset kasi blocked na ang website natoh sa office -- oops, dapat walang makakaalam i'm browsing. hehe.

    the photos are a real stress-reliever from all the pixels I stare in long hours.

  5. Ed
    Nyak sayang naman, gamitan mo na lang ng proxy haha

  6. wow, how do you find these paradises?

  7. Konting katamaran lang naman yung nararamdaman ko nung araw nayun Christian. Wala din kasi tayo babaunin e. haha! yun yung main na iniisip ko. kung nakapag dala lang tlga ko ng atleast 40k na budget hindi ako magdadalawang isip. haha.

  8. John
    Sinabit lang ako ng officemate ko nung Holy Week hehe, salamat pre

    Hehe pwede naman tayo magdala ng isda eh, wala naman maarte sa grupo hehe

  9. good day sir, nagtratrabaho po ako sa provincial government ng romblon at naatasang gumawa ng panibagong brochure. was wondering kung papayag po kayo na gamitin yung romblon pics nyo. kung payag po kayo we will have to remove the watermarks, but you will be credited on the caption for each pic.

    thanks for your time.

  10. nice place Banton,Romblom,first and last time na pumunta ako dyan when i was 8th yr old and now I'm already 44.

  11. im proud to say that im that from island....full of childhood memories.Love that place!

  12. Thank you for your Blog Christian,It help us to promote the hidden beauty of our beloved Banton. Don't hesitate to come back because there are more wonders to be discovered.

  13. Josie
    I think you should revisit your hometown, you're missing out, it's very beautiful :)

    Wow! Most if not all Bantoanon's I know have surnames starting with the letter F, you're quite unique ah :)

    No problem, I love Banton and would be back there this summer :)

  14. Come and visit the beautiful Island of BANTON ...

  15. Thanks sa lahat... ating balikan ang bayang kinagisnan ang isla ng BANTON na walang kapantay sa kagandahan inyong bisitahin at tiyak inyong babalik-balikan TARA NA !

  16. i would be an honor if i can be your host for your next visit to banton, there are many places that you can visit still, and i would be glad to be your chauffeur/tour guide. i can tell you much about its history. i just wish that your visit will coincide with mine..

  17. Tirzzz & Tirso
    Balik ako jan hopefully by April :)

    Wow, that's generous of you! Let's see if our trips would coincide :)

  18. well see sir, if you can update me in my fb page about your itinerary for your trip so that i can arrange it if my schedule fits with is my fb thank you sir.

  19. HERE ARE THE PLACES that you can visit if ever you visit banton again
    1.san nicholas church in poblacion be sure to visit its convent ,bell and retablos altar which are made of molave hardwood. the facade and overall looks of the church may look like modern it is actually built at around the 1640 it is still the original except for the facade. you see banton is the oldest pueblo in the province of romblon established in 1622.
    2. the ruins of the old convent around the church, the walls that surrounds the church used to protect the inhabitants of the island from muslim raiders. its bulwarks, and an old well inside the fort for the supply of the inhabitants during the raids. plus the cannons the remained from the original 12.
    3. the towns 2 watch towers in onti and campanrio hills which are used to signal townspeople when muslim raiders arrive. all of these are built in the supervison of agustin de san pedro or el padre capitan try gooling him.
    4. manamyaw view deck where you can get a panorama view of the town and you can also visit the guyangan caves the first settlement in the island where the oldest burial cloth in se asia was found, its in the national museum now. try goole ikat or banton cloth. be sure to get a guide perhaps ascca can help you just ask around town where is assca.
    5. visit ascca museum located at everlast poblacion, asi studies center for culture and the arts,they have a museum of artifacts found in the caves in banton dont miss this one.
    5. the house of faustino fabella nad rufo faigao in poblacion,
    6. brgy mainit, they have macat ang beach and hot spring
    7. cambonga beach barangay banice
    8.tambak beach brgy banice the islands finest sand
    9.tabunan beach and siocan beach brgy yabawon plus puyo island.
    10. brgy nasunugan water front which is aplace for birds best time to go early in the morning about 6 am or if its low tide.its also the island shipyard during the days those boats are noe plying the route of manila to coron as assuncion shipping lines, thier ships are built in nasunugan and yabawon,
    11.brgy balogo beach not fine beach but a fishing village and aperfect get off point for visit in the nearby gakut island a good place for diving and snorkling.
    12. gakut and the dos hermans islands alot of marine life in its pristine beauty.
    13. bantons northeast wall a great place for divibg. try google banton dive sites and find trhe place best for snorkling.
    14.banton national high school lower ground site of the old cementery as evident to the cementary wall its still there.
    15. togbongan rocky beach and silak cave full of small rocks sea shore the longest shore line in the island,
    16. ipot cave , ask for aguide its a burial cave overlooking the sea the skeleton are still there. nice place.


  20. Anonymous
    Thanks for the enormous info! Will surely check those out! :)