ROMBLON | Underwater at Banton Fish Sanctuary

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Peeping Through Banton's Fish Sanctuary

Finally, after making the compulsory rounds at Banton’s Tabunan Beach, I laid my cameras down and put on my snorkel. Time to hit the water! The descent from the shore was modestly gradual. From the sandy beach, the bottom turned stony before finally exploding into colorful corals.

Under Banton Fish Sanctuary

Banton’s Fish Sanctuary, a project by a certain Manong Ish, has been in operation since 2007. Four years, I suppose, is not enough time for a full recovery from Romblon’s heavy fishing of the previous years.

Our Host, D, Exploring Underwater of Banton's Fish Sanctuary

Upon diving, I expected something akin to the swarming multitudes of Coron, the fishes here however were not as many as those found in the waters of Palawan. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still plentiful enough for ones eyes to feast upon and these are no garden variety aquarium types too, most are meaty ones you’d expect to see in exotic marketplaces.

One other difference I saw was that these fishes are still afraid of humans. They swim away whenever people approach, no doubt thinking they’d be hauled in as catch.

A Bunch of Fishes at Tabonan's Underwater

The marine life got more varied as we got deeper and farther away from shore. We passed some luminescent creatures, but I’m not sure what those were. They’re surely not jellyfishes as I inspected them closely through my camera (shot was blurred tho, so I won’t be posting it here, hehe). I’m also unsure if these stings like jellyfishes, though I felt no sting throughout my swim (but I always got out of their way whenever I see one so I’m not sure if one has touched me or not).

Marine Life Under Banton, Romblon

I think we were a fourth of the way to Puyo Island when we heard our names being shouted from the shore. It was time to go back.

I felt it was too soon, but I think we’ve been in the water quite long enough and the sun was already at its peak. So we grudgingly made our way back to shore. I would not mind visiting this place again, hopefully next time the fishes have already adjusted to humans and flourished even more.

A Tiny Yellow Fish Peeking Up from the Corals

Click to view location on Google Maps

Banton Fish Sanctuary
Address: Tabunan Beach, Brgy. Yabawon, Banton Island, Romblon
Romblon Provincial Tourism Office: (042) 567-5145 | (0920) 629-5838

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  1. fishies! im a fan of (any) underwater blog entries! =)

  2. underwater! kainis, kasi nawala yung first ever point and shoot camera ko na underwater...

  3. Love this! What cam did you use? Sana affordable naman :). I'm thinking of buying one for our snorkeling activity at Hunda Bay, Palawan next month.

  4. Chyng
    Haha ganun ba? First time ko mag-shoot underwater =]

    Hehe thanks!

    Sayang naman! Ano nangyari nahulug sa tubig?

    Canon D10 po, its the best there is according sa research ko hehe. Got it for 16k at Mayer's in Hidalgo, Canon Warranty sya =]

  5. Itong tabunan beach ay parang ung beach sa movie na THE BEACH

  6. the best place to relax...proud to be bantoanon..

  7. Anonymous 1 & 2
    It looks like a good place to do an overnight in, medyo bitin ako nung punta namin jan, halfday lang kami hehe

  8. it's a best place to go with..white sand,,blue water sarap mag swimming

  9. Cynthia
    I agree! Can't wait to go back and do an overnight on the place :)

    1. Mas maganda po talaga mag overnight jn ang tahimik po at fresh air pa.

  10. Kaya dyan ko gustong magbakasyon lagi, tahimik at fresh ang hangin :)
    Proud to be Bantoanon.

  11. Jayvee
    I would love to stay overnight at this cove, sayang bitin oras namin last time eh