ROMBLON | Malabiga Sunrise at Banton Island

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mornings at Malabiga Beach, Banton

I have been trying to catch a good sunrise ever since our first day at Banton Island in Romblon, but was constantly met with heavy morning clouds everytime. The last two ones at Sitio Malabiga was no exception. The sun kept hiding under blankets of haze and all I get are dull washed-out daybreaks.

Sunrise at the Coast of Malabiga Beach in Banton

But beggars can’t be choosers; I’d rather have pictures of the place at the crack of dawn rather than none at all. It isn’t everyday that I get to visit Romblon anyways.

So there I was for the past two days at Malabiga Beach; setting my alarms at four in the morning, having a quick coffee, and setting off for the shore under the mounting lights, cameras and tripod in hand.

The morning was waking up, the light starting to clamber ever so slowly up the eastern waters of Banton Island as crows and numerous birds awaken to its warmth.

Details at Malabiga Beach, Romblon

On these occasions, D goes to the beach with me, shooting the breeze about the office (who’s with who, who’s dating who, who broke with who, salary talk, trash talk, etc. etc.) as the sun slowly rose behind the clouds. I am forever grateful for D for letting me tag along with him to Romblon. Disappointing sunrises notwithstanding, it was still a more than pretty good getaway.

Malabiga Beach Sunrise at Romblon


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Address: Sitio Malabiga, Barangay Togong, Banton Island, Romblon
Romblon Provincial Tourism Office: (042) 567-5145 | (0920) 629-5838

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  1. I am a big fan of your pictures! You made simple things alive in our memories.

    Gest to Utopia

  2. you are correct rome. I, too, really love his pictures! they are so spectacular.

  3. Sunrise or no sunrise, your photos are splendid! I've never been to Romblon, unfortunately. Wish I make it there someday.

  4. i love that first picture! like everyone here, im a fan! =)

  5. Rome, Weng, Pinay Travel Junkie, Nuna
    Thanks for the kind words, magaling lang po tsumamba =]

  6. i felt the serenity on the last photo.

  7. the shells really reminds me of the shell picking that we did almost every day when we went there.

  8. the first picture seems not disappointing for me... it is a superb capture.

  9. I told this to Christian before, and I'm going to tell it to you guys... The place heals the body, and the soul. =)

  10. brad pang stampita ang last pic ah

  11. Chyng
    The place is indeed very serene =]

    Dong Ho
    Uy kelan kayo napadpad sa Banton?

    Thanks! That was taken with my brand new underwater cam haha =]

    Hehe next year ulit!

    Di ko pa rin alam kung ano yung stampita hehe

  12. never fails to make me smile when i see sceneries like these...

  13. Doi
    Thanks! Ako rin di nananawa sa mga ganyang tanawin =]

  14. going to Carabao Island Romblon next week :)
    danda pics!

    1. Thanks Charisse! Medyo malayo lang to sa Carabao Island :)