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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pavillions Lining Up Corregidor's South Beach

Swimming and beach bumming is really not what people have in mind when they visit The Rock, with such a short time frame for the Corregidor Day Tour, it’s really pretty justifiable. But for those who would stay a bit longer than the usual routine A Bloodstone Found on the Shore of Corregidor's Beachvisit, they may as well include some beach action in their itineraries; Corregidor is an island after all.
Located at the island’s Bottomside, opposite the South Dock, the South Beach is a small sandy cove where people can swim and laze on. Don’t expect anything spectacular though, this is no Boracay, the sand is not as fine and definitely not white. You can probably compare it to those found on the shores of Batangas.

I’m not sure if this is due to the sand top removal years ago for use as aggregates for road construction in the island. It made the beach bare and unsuitable for swimming due to the rocky landscape left afterwards. Good thing a clean up was done in 2002 to clear the shore of rocks and made it safe for swimming once again.

One particular thing about this beach are the so called bloodstones found on its shore. These are rocks that looks like they’ve been splattered with blood. Not a few folks say that this is a manifestation of the Corregidor’s bloody past.

I found a few and they do indeed look like blood. I hope these stones remain where they are as some tourists bring some home as souvenirs. If this practice continue, these rare stones would disappear altogether from Corregidor.A Bistro that Catering to the Beachgoers at Corregidor

Now, how clean is the water you might ask, as this is still part of the Manila Bay. The water is quite clean as testified by a group of guests that swam in. The problem though lies with the beach bank itself. As with most public beaches, litters from visitors dot the sand; plastic wrappers, soda cans, lost pairs of slippers and what-nots. A problem which can be easily remedied by the Corregidor Foundation if constant clean-up is practiced.

Those things aside, the best time to visit the South Beach is in the afternoons. After the hot and tiring day tour; pack your beach equipment, don your swimsuits, bring a basketful of snacks, head down Corregidor’s North Dock and immerse your tired body to the cool water of the South Beach. Let the slow tides of the bay soothe your senses as the warm rays of the sun set its light down the Bay of Manila.

North Dock Pier at Corregidor's South Beach
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