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Monday, November 15, 2010

Corregidor's San Jose Chapel Facade

Corregidor Church Cleaner

Right smack in the middle of the island of Corregidor, sandwiched between the South and North Dock, hidden behind tall trees and lush undergrowth is a small clearing with a cream-colored chapel in its midst. Not really part of the usual Corregidor tour, I visited the holy edifice after having breakfast at the McArthur’s Café.

Not much has been written about the chapel, all I gathered was this used to be the church that served Barrio San Jose residents in Corregidor during the pre-war times, then later on by the soldiers stationed at the island as the Second World War rolled into the Pacific.

This is supposedly the third reincarnation of the chapel. It’s now made of concrete as opposed to the wooden structure it was before.

Our guide from the Corregidor Night Tour told me that weddings had been set here before, albeit quite expensively. Imagine hauling every visitor you have from Manila to Corregidor.

But is it worth all the trouble? I guess if you’re looking for a one of a kind wedding celebration in the middle of an island surrounded by rich history, I bet it is definitely worth it.

Corregidor Chapel's Side Entrance The Rustic Interior of Corregidor's Chapel

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