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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Customized Breakfast at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe

Since I’ve seen pretty much everything Corregidor Inn’s La Playa Restaurant had to offer (to say that their menu is quite limited is an understatement), I decided to check out the competition near the Lorcha Dock, a small cafeteria named after the famed General himself; the McArthur Cafe. 
at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe Mini Grocer
McArthur’s Café is a no-frills eatery at Corregidor, simple furnishings, straightforward structure, and uncomplicated food. And since I was craving for my staple breakfast, longsilog (fried pork sausage, rice and egg), I guess this is where I would find it.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have the garlicky sausages I was looking for. What they had instead was the run-off-the-mill pre-packed longanisa from Souvenir Counter at Corregidor's MacArthur CafePampanga’s Best, so I ordered tapsilog (fried beef jerky, rice and egg) instead, alas, they were out of those, so pre-packed longanisa it was.

For extras, I asked them if they can cook a can of sardines they have at their mini-store which they graciously agreed to and ordered two cups of steaming (instant) coffee.

My breakfast totaled Php215.00. Expensive actually, considering there was really nothing too special about it. The price of being isolated in an island I guess.

After finishing my hefty morning meal and introducing myself to the person in charge of the café, she offered to show me around their place. It turned out that Corregidor Inn isn’t the only place offering at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe Lodgingaccommodations in the island. 

McArthur’s has rooms ranging from Php1,500.00 (good for two) to Php2,700.00 (10-person dormitory). The quarters are pretty much utilitarian, bunk beds, tiled floors and basic amenities.

Now, if McArthur Café really wants to compete with the much larger Corregidor Inn, they would have to improve their facilities quite a bit. Considering that their room and food rates really does not differ that much with their competition, it’s actually no-brainer where guests would want to stay in and eat out.

I’m all for competition, as in the end, the consumers are the one who really wins. So I hope that McArthur’s Café either lower their food and lodging prices for them to attract more guests (especially the backpacker peeps) or simply hire a good architect and interior designer to spruce the place up to justify their rates.

Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe Simple Eating Area
Bahay Kubo Interior at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe Bahay Kubo Cottages at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe Big Room at Corregidor's MacArthur Cafe

MacArthur’s Café
Restaurant & Souvenir Shop Lodging House
0917-8830061 | 0919-3830737 | 0915-6337279
02-4567333 | 02-3626518 | 02-3626518

Lodging Rates

Bahay Kubo w/ Aircon (3-4 Persons) - P1,700.00 | Single Room (2 Persons) - P1,500.00
Dormitory Style (10 Persons) - P2,700.00 | Big Room (5-6 Persons) - P2,000.00

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  1. i'm genesis perez

    i've been there at corregidor island and i swas stayed at mc. arthurs cafe. and work for 1 month . i'ts simple but more beautiful. more power guys. and god bless.

  2. Genesis
    Hi, thanks for taking the time to drop by. McArthur's an alternative to the more popular Corregidor Inn, but I think they need to spruce up their place a bit more to be competitive with the leading inn. =)