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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ready Your Legs for Some Steep Roadways at Corregidor

A visit out of town would not be complete without me doing my usual walk around the place. I’m usually able to cover much ground during these jaunts but I was surprised to find that Corregidor was a different Road to Middleside at Corregidor beast altogether.
My first hike was right after the day tour;  I followed the road uphill to the island’s War Memorial Zone. It took me exactly thirty minutes to reach Corregidor’s Middleside Barracks on a slightly brisk pace. The roads here may be good, but they are quite steep. Some I felt even reach an angle of 40 degrees; it’s like hiking on a paved mountain trail.

My second walk was done the next day after stuffing myself with a breakfastful at McArthur’s Café. I thoroughly checked out the South Dock area before proceeding towards Goats at Corregidor's Middleside BarracksCorregidor’sA Pony Near Corregidor's San Jose Chapel Tailside.
The road that led towards this side of the island was as picturesque at that to the Middleside, lush green on one side, and the sparkling Bay of Manila on the other. Birds flitted from trees to trees, and these are no ordinary ones we see everyday either. The most common ones I saw were the White-Collared Kingfishers, Asian Glossy Starlings and Brahminy Kites

I was told that a Philippine Eagle, the huge Monkey Eating Eagle, also resides in the island. Other birds taking refuge in the island includes Zebra Doves, Blue Rocks, Eurasian Tree Sparrows, Black-naped Orioles and Philippine Cockatoos.
Monkeys, horses and deer had also made the island their home. I saw quite a few monkeys sneaking a peek at me on my way back from the Middleside and I was even able to get close enough to snap a few photos. I didn’t see any deer though.

Seaside Roadway to Corregidor's TailsideThe roads at Corregidor may look similar in appearance and width to those found on the bustling streets of Manila, but their similarities end there. The roads here are totally devoid of people and cars. On the two walks I had, I encountered only three vehicles along the road and a total of zero pedestrian sighting. It’s like the twilight zone even in broad daylight.

I highly recommend getting a companion if you plan to walk the island of Corregidor as it gets pretty creepy and weird quite fast with just your lonesome self on the road. The ruins of course do not help alleviate the feeling at all.

So go get a buddy and load up with stories to tell along the road. And oh, book at least five days in the island if you want really want to traverse its roads from end to end with your own two slow feet. Ignore the eerie feeling and immerse yourself with nature. A walk on the windswept roads of Corregidor will definitely restore some peace and tranquility into your being.

White-Collared Kingfisher at Corregidor
Striated Swallow at Corregidor Monkeys Along Corregidor's Road

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  1. i so love your photographs. ang linis! parang babae yung photographer.. =)

  2. Chyng
    Haha may lalaki rin naman na malinis din kumuha ng litrato. :P

  3. Replies
    1. Hi, I'm not sure how many deers there are in Corregidor Island but they do have been spotted on the island.