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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial

Standing solemnly on Corregidor’s peak is the white-marbled saucer-shaped Pacific War Memorial.

Built in 1968 by the US Government for 1.23 million dollars (other sources reported it to be at 3 million dollars), it was dedicated to the Filipino and American forces that fought in the Pacific during the Second World War. Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial MarkerA sculpture depicting a wounded Filipino fighter being aided by an American soldier is installed at the memorial’s entrance (our guide told us a similar one can be found on a memorial in the US, but this time around it is the American soldier being supported by the Filipino), symbolizing the friendship between the two nations.

A huge round-shaped structure with a skylight over its dome apex greets visitors upon entering the silent shrine. Directly below the skylight is a circular marble altar with the following inscription: 
          The Back of Corregidor's Memorial Leading to the Grand View of the Manila BaySleep, my sons, your duty done
          For Freedom's light has come
          Sleep in the silent depths of the sea
          Or in your bed of hallowed sod
          Until you hear at dawn the low
          Clear reveille of God

It was said that the sun shined down directly on the altar for three consecutive years on the 6th of May, the day that Corregidor was retaken from the Japanese Army. Visitors still wait during the said date every year since, but the phenomena has not occurred again.
Continuing on, visitors traverse a pathway with murals of the Pacific battles that leads to the Eternal Flame of Freedom sculpture. Framed by the waters of the Manila Bay, the metal sculpture designed by Aristides Demetrios stands near the place where General Douglas MacArthur celebrated Corregidor’s retaking from the Japanese.Choice of Weapons During the Second World War at Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial

The pathway to the Eternal Flame would have been grander if the reflecting pools along its sides were filled with water, unfortunately, during my visit, nary a drop nor a puddle can be seen on them.

Off the Memorial’s side is a small museum that houses World War II weapons, photographs, replicas, sculptures and relics. Its centerpiece is a floor to ceiling colorful tile mosaic that depicts the battles fought in the Pacific region.

It’s definitely more extensive than the museum found on the Filipino Heroes Memorial.

This was the second to the last place we visited before the Corregidor Day Tour ended and I have to say that it was definitely one of the more impressive locations on the island.

Main Hall of Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial
Inside Corregidor's Pacific War Museum The Skylight of Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial Dome The Eternal Flame at Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial
Corregidor's Pacific War Memorial Mural

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  1. First time I've seen this set of photos of the PWM. Looks like it needs some cleaning and maintenance. The flooring around the altar and the walkways leading to the flame appear stained. Obviously the reflecting pools need water to be effective. It was, and still is, a beautiful memorial to those who lost their lives in a miserable war.
    Bob Buchanan

  2. OldBob
    I agree with you, even the reflecting pool has no more water already :(