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Friday, October 29, 2010

Corregidor's Mile Long Barracks

When one mentions Corregidor, the iconic skeletal remains of the Mile Long Barracks is usually the first image that pops into one’s mind. Similar to the Middleside Barracks, it is dark, empty and foreboding; a stark contrast to the clear blue skies Decaying Empty Halls at Corregidor's Mile Long Barracksand the verdant grass that surrounds it. This massive structure is usually seen on postcards and shirts depicting Corregidor’s war-ravaged pass. 

Like decaying bones of a huge dinosaur, the Topside Barracks as it is formally called, is said to be longest one in the world.  Measuring 1,520 feet long, it really does notA Visitor Exploring the Second Floor at Corregidor's Mile Long Barracks reach the one-mile length as claimed by its name; but due to its size, the moniker stuck. The three-storey structure  was constructed for American officers, enlisted personnel detailed at the garrison and the office of Gen. Douglas MacArthur during World War II.

The barracks was said to have a hurricane-proof roof, this may be due to the fact that it is located on the island’s topside, the highest point in Corregidor. Looking through past photos, it resembles more of a luxurious turn-of-the-century hotel rather than a quarter for soldiers.

This is one of the few ruins that allow visitors to roam inside. Sadly, the time allotted by the guides to explore this mega-structure is really not enough to cover even just a tiny part of it. I was almost on my way inside its empty halls when I again heard the tranvia’s bell rung. Best way to explore it I guess is to hike or bike here on your own without the guides telling you that your ten-minute time is up.

Corregidor's Mile Long Barracks Stretching into the Horizon 
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