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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Twilight at Corregidor's Battery Grubbs

Composed of two huge disappearing guns placed on separate colossal bunkers, Battery Grubbs, named after 1st Lt. Hayden Grubb of the 6th US Infantry who died during the Philippine insurrection in 1899 is one of the larger battery placements in the island of Corregidor
  Warm Glow at Manila Bay
Disappearing guns are defined as heavy artilleries that are able to rotate back and disappear from view once fired with the purpose of protecting it from the enemy’s view. Because of this, these types of batteries are usually hidden behind massive concrete parapets.

Battery Grubbs’ guns were repainted in 1994 and railings were installed when Former US President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary once visited the place.

Midday Sun at the Entrance of Corregidor's Battery GrubbsWe arrived at the battery at noontime and the sun was really blazing down upon us, good thing umbrellas were readily available from Corregidor’s tour trams. We roamed around the bunkers a bit; exploring its nooks and crannies, checking out the huge guns before heading back to the trolley.

The light was really too harsh then for good photography and I was pleasantly surprised that the Corregidor Night Tour included Battery Grubbs as its sunset location.

The installation faces west and since it is located on the higher side of the island, we had a pretty good view of Bataan and the South China Sea as the sun dramatically retires for the day. Although I would have preferred to have the sunset at Corregidor’s South Beach, having it as Battery Grubbs was definitely not bad at all.

Inspecting One of the Disappearing Guns at Corregidor Disappearing Gun Barrel at Corregidor Colorful Umbrellas Available for Visitors at Corregidor
Our Guide with Corregidor's Huge Disappearing Gun
Sunset at Corregidor's Battery Grubbs


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  1. love the first and last photos! ang ganda dun sa 2nd pic!

  2. Lestat
    Thanks, it's the golden light that made the picture really. =)

  3. it's on our travel list! i read elsewhere that there's a day tour from manila.

    1. Yes there is, from Suncruises. Although I highly suggest you do the overnight tour :)