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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sunny Afternoon at the Corregidor Inn

The Corregidor Inn hotel was my deal breaker if I was to stay overnight alone in Corregidor or if I would meekly chicken out and just do the usual day tour. Having no idea what this inn looks like, or more importantly how it feels, I held off booking for the night until I saw the place where I would be spending the night alone with my very own eyes. 

So, after lunchtime when everybody was lazily lounging around after the buffet at the La Playa Restaurant, I was busy talking with the hotel staff about Corregidor Inn Interiorstheir accommodations; asking all sorts of things, most important of which of course was about them ghosts said to be haunting the island.

See, Corregidor is really not the most attractive place to go overnigth in alone, with all the stories being whispered as to how the island is just chockfull of spirits and ghosts waiting to scare the bejesus out of anyone who dares stay on the island Corregidor Inn Lanaiafter dark.

After a few minutes, I was led down a wooden stairs, turned right on a dark hallway and was led to a room on one of the inn’s corner.
And surprise surprise! It looks so sunny!

The room was adequately illuminated by generous capiz windows (which does not have the old bahay na bato scary look by the way). The bed looks fresh, soft and inviting. The toilet and bath did not have any Psycho-shower-scene vibe. And there was even a verandah outside where I can have coffee al fresco. The room was well furnished and I was thinking to myself that it really was not so bad if I stay overnight.

So, with my disposition high, I finally sealed my fate to an overnight stay at the most haunted island in the Philippines.

Since the Corregidor Day Tour was still ongoing then, I held off depositing my things at the room first since I only have one bag and tripod with me anyways.Hotel Room at Corregidor InnAfter the tour ended, there I was at the hotel’s front desk, question mark on my face as to why the room they showed me earlier was not the one I was given now. The one they gave me has the back view of the hotel, and I don’t want that. I want the cheery, sunny, looks-like-there-are-no-ghosts-here room.

They eventually found one available that has a similar view to the first room they showed me. Only thing was, it was on the second floor (technically third floor by the way, as the lobby was on the second floor).

The room looks okay, not as sunny as the first one, but good enough. The only thing that I didn’t like was the bed. It was a four-poster bed, not unlike those seen on old Filipino horror movies. Good thing there were no drapes around it or I would have refunded my stay in two seconds time.

And, there is of course the view. Overlooking Corregidor’s South Dock, the panorama was just spectacular, the green foliage of trees blending into the blue azure of Manila Bay, perfect.

I arranged my things, took a shower, did some walking and finally the Corregidor Night Tour.
The View from Corregidor Inn The night tour ended at around eight in the evening and Corregidor was already shrouded in darkness.

After having lunch, it was finally time for bed. But I really was not looking forward to that. So I held off as much as I could. I went to the docks, but it was too dark and I don’t want to shoot alone in the dark. I went to Corregidor’s South Beach, and it was also too dark and there was no one around.

So back at the hotel. Took out my journal, had coffee and wrote ‘til midnight.

But I have no choice, I have to sleep.

So with a pounding heart, I went up the wide wooden hotel stairs, up into its dark hallway, and into my empty room.

I opened the windows. Turned on all the room’s light. Lay down. Said my prayers. And with a thumping heart, forcefully closed my eyes.

Corregidor Inn's Grand Staircase Corregidor Inn's Pool Corregidor Inn's Corridor Four-Post Bed at Corregidor Inn

My alarm woke me up at four in the morning. I carefully opened my eyes and searched the room for anything out of the ordinary.

All the things left last night were still in their proper places, no writings on the bathroom mirror. Definitely no ghosts.

I made it. I survived a night alone in Corregidor.


Corregidor Sun Cruises Tour
02-5275555 | 02-8346857
Day Tour (round trip ferry with buffet lunch) | P1,999.00 per person
Overnight Package (roundtrip ferry, 1 buffet lunch, 1 night stay at Corregidor Inn) | P2,880.00 per person
Check their website for more detailed rates for group packages

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  1. hehe di ka naman takot nyan?

  2. hahaha your blog here is really entertaining... :D Good thing you survived the night alone! :) we're planning to have the overnight package tour, your blog is really helpful. thanks! ;)

  3. Webby
    Haha mas madali mag overnight pag marami kayo :D

  4. Hotel review was by a typical Filipino. Ghosts, Witches and Mojo's. I stayed at the Inn and I promise you there are no Ghosts. They put me in a room on the bottom floor in the back with absolutely no view at all. If I stayed again I would be sure to offer some monetary inducement in order to get a better room and with a good view. The restaurant at the Inn had a nice Indoor/outdoor atmosphere and the food was presented nicely. But, the food offered is strictly Filipino, so if you pretty much like American Food like I do you better bring something along with you to eat.