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The Old Haunted Hospital at Corregidor

I was a minute into my room at the Corregidor Inn, having gone for a walk to the Middleside Barracks when the tranvia’s bell rang thrice; it was time for the Corregidor Night Tour.

The island was starting to get dark as we boarded the tram that would take us to Corregidor’s lesser-known locations. This was evident with the number of visitors who signed up for the night tour, which were less thanA Staircase Leading Upstairs at the Old Corregidor Hospital ten people on a single tram versus the hordes that toured the island earlier in the day.
The air was cold as our tram slowly made its way on the empty winding roads of The Rock. On our left, the climbing hills of the island, to our right the majestic view of Manila Bay as the sky slowly dimmed down.

We turned left from the road into an uphill path. This was hardly a road; it was small, unpaved and overgrown on both sides by trees and shrubs.

After a few minutes, abandoned buildings appeared on our views. Our guide informed us that the path we were actually traversing was formerly laden with tracks for the tram back in the Second World War and the decaying building that was already on its way to be swallowed by the jungle was the glorified 7-11’s of the soldiers stationed at Corregidor.

It was a silent ride except for our guide rattling off a few facts now and then about the places we passed by, no one was talking much. And after a while, we drove into a clearing with a looming skeleton of a building in its center. The sky was darkening and the wind felt colder than usual.

We have arrived at Corregidor’s old haunted hospital.
Corregidor's Old Hospital's Skeletal ExteriorThe crumbling infirmary was originally designed in a shape of a cross so enemy planes can clearly see what the structure is and avoid bombing it. But since the Japanese did not sign up to the Geneva Convention, which prohibits destruction of medical facilities during times of war, they freely bombed it to high heavens.
The Morgue at the Old Corregidor Hospital
We explored the four arms of the hospital with our guide leading us through its hallways and gutted interiors. From a room where imprisoned Muslim soldiers left their writings on the walls before being massacred during the Marcos regime (Jabidah Massacre), to a part where a banyan tree was slowly eating its way through the structure, to the hospital’s forebodingly dark morgue which no one dared enter.  

The sun was getting already pretty low on the horizon and we really didn’t fancy staying there as darkness crept down the whole island.

Oh, and did I mention that this is the place that visitors do their ghost hunting during the Halloween? Hands down, this is definitely the creepiest place on Corregidor in my book.

Scrambling Up the Tram Before Darkness Arrives at Corregidor's Old Hospital
Corregidor's Old Hospital's Forbidding Interior Corregidor's Old Hospital's Forbidding Interior Corregidor's Old Hospital's Forbidding Interior

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, November 9, 2010


  1. nice photos, eerily beautiful, i haven't been to corregidor and i have always wanted to go there. i hope i'd get to visit the place in the near future.

  2. Nakakatakot yung old hospital! Pero naintriga ako. I want to go on a night tour too!

  3. Kimberly
    You should! Visiting Corregidor without the night tour is like not visiting Corregidor at all :)

  4. Sir, my filter po ba kaung ginamit taking these pictures? I love the third photo.

  5. I heard that the whole island is haunted because so many soldiers were tortured there and killed also slaughtered. But I recommend you should not go on a night tour as it makes you creepy.

    1. Hi, yes, there are stories of the whole Corregidor Island being haunted. The night tours are indeed a bit creepy, but that's what makes it interesting.

  6. May bayad ba pag nagtour ditto? Magkano?

    1. Hi Merie, it's 150 pesos per person for Corregidor's night tour.

    2. The Old Hospital is in Corregidor, which is part of Cavite :)

  7. Still available po ba ang mga tour to this place po??

    1. Hi Ren, yes the Old Hospital is part of Sun Cruises' night tour in Corregidor. You can only avail of it if you stay overnight in Corregidor.

  8. Hi! I'm Ryan i just wanted to know if it's still available your night tour? and if yes, where we can stay for the whole night? from what time up to? and do we have a licensed/legit tour guide from your company to assist us?