PANDEMIC | Easy Mee Goreng Recipe for People Who Can't Cook

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Easy Mee Goreng Recipe

For travelers like us, the Covid19 pandemic has forced us off the road and into our house for about two years now. Unlike before, when asked where we're going next, instead of rattling off cities and countries with flights already booked a year or so beforehand, we'd most likely say, the grocery, or err.. the kitchen!

The pandemic has forced us to be better cooks than we were before—well, at least in our household. Before covid19, the only thing I know how to cook are fried, instant stuff, and boiled eggs. I’m such a master at boiling eggs I even play The Boiled Eggs, an addictive online cooking game—but I digress, lol.

The Boiled Eggs Online Game

The craving for dishes we only get to try when traveling has somehow inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen. Tuguegarao's delectable pancit batil patong. Thailand's street favorite pad thai. Singapore's creamy laksa. And Malaysia's ultra spicy mee goreng. Ahhh, mee goreng. I do miss mee goreng so much!


I love my noodle dishes, indeed. And with no chance of traveling, I had to concoct my own noodle dishes in the house using only the skillset I know and the ingredients available in the fridge.

And so, without further ado, for fellow mee goreng fans, here's my upgraded instant mee goreng for people like me who really cannot cook.


Easy Mee Goreng Recipe



Instant noodles, 1 pack
Preferably Indomie or Mi, Sedaap but even plain Lucky Me Pancit Canton would do.
Pechay Baguio, 1 big leaf, chopped
Ordinary pechay or cabbage would also do, if that's the only thing you have in the fridge.
Bean Sprouts, about a handful
If you don't have this, as long as you have pechay or cabbage, then it's probably fine.
Tofu, 1 slice, cubed
Hotdogs, 2 pieces, chopped or Spam/Luncheon Meat, 2 slices, cubed  
If you have shrimp or prawns, then definitely use those instead, lol.
Kecup Manis
Sweet soy sauce popular in Malaysia and Indonesia, can be bought from Shopee and Lazada. But if you don't have this and can't wait, you can use your mom's hoisin sauce or oyster sauce.
Egg, 1 piece
Chili (Siling Labuyo), chopped. (optional)
This totally depends on how spicy you want your mee goreng to be.

Easy Mee Goreng Recipe


1. Cook the noodles on boiling water. Remove halfway before it fully cooks. Set aside on a strainer.
2. Put all the instant noodle’s packed condiments in a cup, add a bit of hot water, and stir until mixed well. Set aside.
3. Fry the chopped hotdogs on a pan. Set aside.
4. Fry the cubed tofu. Set aside.
5. Using the same pan, fry the egg. As it's about to cook, drop in the half-cooked noodles.
6. Put in the chopped pechay.
7. Drop in the bean sprouts.
8. Then the hotdogs and tofu.
9. Pour the packed condiments you've mixed plus the chilis, if you want your dish to be spicy.  
10. Stir fry everything for about 2 to 3 minutes, adding some water if it looks too dry. You may use two spatulas to mix everything well, making sure the ingredients go between the strands and clumps of noodles.
11. Add kecap manis / hoisin sauce / oyster sauce to desired taste.
12. Serve on a dish and top with crunchy garlic bits (if the noodle pack you bought have those).

And don’t forget to take a pic for the gram and be proud that you've made something as good looking and as delicious as this with your meager cooking skills! Enjoy!

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