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Friday, December 12, 2014

Teppanyaki at the Souq Restaurant in Pampanga

Twilight was almost upon us as we alighted from our van for the last stop of our tour. The day has been filled with Pampanga’s giant lanterns interspersed with Kapampangan dishes generously spread in between. We thought we’ve seen and tasted everything until we visited San Fernando City’s The Souq.

The Souq at San Fernando, PampangaTranslated from Arabic, the word souq means marketplace. And from the central alley that traverses the restaurant, the name suits the place quite well. The concept, our host said, was to incorporate various mini-restaurants along both sides of the alleyway.

Vietcong Restaurant at The Souq in San Fernando, PampangaAs of the moment, they have three mini-restaurants in operation. One of them is the Vietkong restaurant, which serves cuisines from China, Korea, Thailand, and of course, Vietnam. The interior has a very colonial Saigon feel to it. They also have the Street Food 99 which serves grilled dishes that goes well with alcohol. And lastly, the TeFunYaki Japanese restaurant, which serves, what else, but teppanyaki.

Vietcong Restaurant at The Souq in San Fernando, PampangaAside from those, The Souq plans to open other mini-restaurants inside the compound; they even intend to put up a salon and a clothing store within the grounds. The last time I checked their Facebook, I found that they now have a line of dishes called Jalan Alor, which I suppose are comprised of Malaysian dishes.

Outdoor Garden at The Souq Restaurant in PampangaWhile waiting for our meals to be served at the Tefunyaki restaurant, I got to check out The Souq’s grounds. And man, it is huge. The numerous rooms and gardens are done quite tastefully, thanks in part to the proprietors being also the owners of Betis Crafts in Guagua. In fact, one can even buy furniture in the restaurants.

Teppanyaki at the Souq Restaurant in Pampanga Teppanyaki at the Souq Restaurant in Pampanga
After watching the chef show off his cooking skills on the iron griddle, our teppanyaki (Php180.00) was finally ready. Together with plates of tofu, salad and stripped zucchini, the main plate of steamed water spinach, bean sprouts, java rice and tender beef were served along our table. The size was totally humongous; I was actually trying to solve in my head how I would finish everything off.

Teppanyaki Restaurant at the Souq in Pampanga

The Souq is definitely not your usual Kapampangan restaurant; it serves delectable and exotic Asian cuisines on an environment that can rival the best interior design spaces out there. It’s a worthy enough stop even just for its interiors and gardens; the food, a delightful bonus of course.

The Souq
Address: Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores Homesite, 
              San Fernando, Pampanga
Contact Number: (045) 409-7728 | (0925) 827-2730
Facebook: Click Here
Open Hours: 8:00AM to 11:00PM Daily

GPS Coordinates Map: 15°02'11.7"N 120°40'25.6"E

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  1. Pampanga has one of the best cuisines in the Philippines and they are very famous for their kare-kare and sisig. You must try their cuisines and for sure you will always crave for it.

    1. Yes, I was able to try their kare-kare, sisig and biringhe. :)