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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Lunch at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

Here’s your lunch! Ate Nora smilingly announced as she laid down a tray full of crisply fried fishes on the bamboo table set in the middle of an open-aired hut facing Tambobong Beach.

This is typically how we rolled during our stay at the R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong, a beachfront barangay in the remote town of Dasol, Pangasinan.

R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

We arrived at the resort after a grueling overnight trip from Manila. The ride from Burgos Market, where we bought a few supplies to Tambobong Beach was, as always, quite challenging. But stepping out of the tricycle and into the beach always makes it worth it.

R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

It’s my first time to stay at this part of Tambobong Beach, my feet always leading me at the eastern end of the area at Matabang Beach Resort. But since J, one of my companions along the trip, knows the resort owner of this place, I decided on trying this part of the beach this time.

Double Rocking Chair at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

R Paradise Beach Resort is owned by Madame Vivian Runes, or Ate V for short. She hails from Laguna but fell in love with Tambobong when she was invited by a friend for a beach wedding. She has since put up her own simple resort here with the help of Ate Nora, who helps maintain and run the place in her absence.


Couple Room at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

The resort has a total of four rooms available for guests; two for couples and another two for big groups.

But don’t let that fool you, the resort once hosted a party of forty. It can be done, Ate V told us, as long as the guests are not picky when it comes to the bed they’re gonna sleep in. She then added that there are definitely plans for expansion.

Toilet and Bath at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

We slept in one of their air-conditioned couple rooms which have its quirkily designed en suite toilet and bath. It is spacious and clean, the fittings are modern and running water is available. Surprisingly, there’s also hot water! Towels are provided for but you have to bring your own toiletries.

Dorm Room with Slides at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

We would’ve stayed at their larger dorm room, which has two double deck beds complete with wooden slides, if not for its separate toilet and bath. We were told that this room is really popular with the kids and, well, the kids at heart. I can just imagine the look on a parent’s face when they see this.

Kids Playing at Tambobong Beach

The resort is just a stone’s throw away from Tambobong White Beach. Although unlike the resorts at the eastern side of the cove, there is a single lane road that divides it from the shoreline. No worries though, as they have their own mini hut across the road, right beside the beach.


Ate Nora of R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

But what really made our stay memorable at the R Paradise Beach Resort was the care and attention Ate Nora has given us since we arrived.

She always made sure we were comfortable. She always made sure that our meals are well prepared for. She always made sure we always have beers on our hands.

Caught Fish at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

And, she’s always on the lookout for fisher folks bringing in their fresh catch for us to choose from. And by gosh, what catch they have. At first we tried cooking our own fares, but after much fuss, we left everything to Ate Nora for a very minimal fee. We never regretted doing so.

Lunch at R Paradise Beach Resort in Tambobong

From grilled liempo, to fried fishes, crispy malings, corned beef and eggs; to again, grilled fishes. She has it all to a crispy tee.

As with most trips, our stay at R Paradise Beach Resort was defined more by the individuals who took care of us more than the place itself. But that’s not to say that the resort is no good at all, in fact, with its price, it’s probably the best bang for the buck place to stay in when in Tambobong Beach.

R Paradise Beach Resort
Address: Brgy. Tambobong, Dasol, Pangasinan
Contact Number: (0999) 729-0658 | Facebook
Rates: Starts at ₱1,500.00 (2pax)
GPS Coordinates Map: 15.927175, 119.777495

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