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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Coconuts and Cogon Huts at Matabang Beach Resort

If you ever plan to drive through the twisting rough roads of Dasol, Pangasinan and visit the far-flung beaches of Tambobong for an overnighter, there is literally only one place you can stay in, the Matabang Beach Resort.

The resort is owned and personally operated by a retired husband and wife tandem of Mr. Sherwin and Heyse At the Main Hall of Matabang Beach ResortBobis Pineda. What started out as dream sketches at the back of old paper calendars for Mrs. Heyse’s father was eventually realized through the combined effort of his children. With construction starting from the restrooms, the place was gradually built up as time went along and was finally finished by 2007.

The place got its name from the fresh water spring at the back of the resort which was a wading pool for carabaos before the place was developed. Fishing being a favorite past time of Mrs. Heysey’s family, it now serves as a pen forCoconut Casitas at Matabang Beach Resort Tilapia’s and other freshwater fishes. Guests are also welcome to fish out back if they so wish and have their catch for lunch or dinner too.

The coconut-laden resort itself is as laid-back and simple as the people’s life is at Tambobong. A few open-aired huts line up the beachfront, detached private casitas dot the back part, and two bedrooms, a veranda and a spacious attic are housed at the main hall. The whole resort can accommodate a fifty-person group. And unlike most beach resorts, this one has clean, well-maintained and well-furnished comfort rooms and shower stalls.

Aside from the beautiful beachfront and clear blue-green waters, the resort also boasts of a blazing sunrise and melancholic sunset views. And with the lights of civilization far away, the night sky lights up with a profusion of stars during the evenings; perfect for stargazing. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to witness any of these as I arrived there by 8am and had to go back before the sun sets down.

Matabang really feels much more of a home rather than a resort, with the large open veranda acting as a living room and Mrs. Heyse being the welcoming aunt, really not bad place to stay in at a virgin place like Tambobong.

Matabang Beach Resort's Main Hall
The Attic Room at Matabang Beach Resort Mr. and Mrs. Sherwin and Heyse Bobis Pineda of Matabang Beach Resort

       Matabang Beach Resort 
Address: Bgy. Osmeña, Dasol, Pangasinan
       Telephone: (02) 425-4980 | (0905) 245-5425 | (0928) 937-7701 
       Contact Person: Heyse Pineda

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  1. i intend to go here. there are times when I'm not itching for a luxurious stay but just a simple escape.

  2. Turista Trails
    Then this is perfect for you :)

  3. Hi, my friends and I are planning to go to Matabang Resort sometime this month. I'm a bit worried because I've read some negative reviews regarding the owners of Matabang Resort, did you encounter any unfortunate incidents with them during your stay? thanks!

  4. Anonymous
    I didn't encounter any problem at all with the owners of Matabang Resort. They were actually very warm and accomodating :)

  5. ok, that's comforting to know. thanks a lot! btw, great article ;)

  6. Anonymous
    No problem and thanks! Hope you have a good time at Dasol! And please send my regards to ma'am Heyse :)

  7. Tanung ko lang po kong my room at kong pwede ba mag over dyan sa dasol? At magkano ang entrance fee at room rate??? Thank

    1. Hi Charmie, yes they do have accommodations for overnight stay. Please contact their number listed above for detailed rates :)

  8. Ate weng and kuya joel are very nice people. They helped us with all our needs and cooked delicious meals for us.

    1. Indeed, that's one of the charms of Matabang Beach Resort, the very friendly owners. :)