PANGASINAN | Afternoon Walk at Dasol’s Tambobong Beach

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Family Heading Off with their Wares at Tambobong Beach

An excursion to a beach would not be complete for me without me walking as far as I can on its shoreline. I usually do my beach strolls the next morning after arrival when I have just wakened from a refreshing night’s sleep and the previous day’s lengthy travel is just a dim memory.

Freshly Caught Fishes Being Sold at the Shore of Tambobong BeachThis is the perfect time for shooting landscapes, the beach mostly empty except for the early birds avoiding the harsh mid-morning sun and the sea still golden from the rising sun. And by the time you trace your steps back to the resort, the beach would then be filled with people splashing about, really good for documentary style photographs.

During my visit at Dasol however, having had to cram an island hopping tour, some snorkeling and swimming, an hour-long interview with the Matabang Beach Resort owner and some snacks in between into just nine hours, left me with less than an hour in the afternoon to do my accustomed walk.

Right after my chat with resort owner Mrs. Heyse Pineda, I hurriedly changed lenses and hastily jumped down Tambobong’s beach area like there was no tomorrow; well there was really no tomorrow for me as I’ll be leaving that same day before twilight. The sun was just about at the horizon and it was nicely throwing its slanting golden rays across the many fishing boats The Many Colored Boats of Tambobongdocked The Many Colored Boats of Tambobongalong the shore.

Dasol is classified as a fourth class municipality and its main industry is sea salt. The village in Tambobong though is comprised mostly of fisherfolks, with uncounted colorful wooden boats lining up its coast.

I tried to soak up the afternoon all in an hour; fishermen prepping up a boat, kids playing on the sand, folks fixing a fishing net, freshly caught seafood being sold right by the shore as an assortment of dogs disturbed from their sleep under the boats’ shades barked and followed me all through my walk.

Alas, sixty minutes was not enough to traverse the whole cove. I finally had to turn back as I neared its midpart lest I miss the scheduled bus trip back to Manila.

I swore I would revisit this place again and next time I would witness everything this small village has to offer; from its glorious sunrise, to its deserted islands, the fishes under its azure waters, its melancholic sunset and the shimmering stars in the deep of its night; Tambobong I will be back.

Fishermen Prepping Up for the Sea at Tambobong Beach
Tambobong's Shallow Shoreline Rock Walls Lining the Corners of the Cove of Tambobong Beach


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  1. A brief beach photowalk yet you still managed to make great photos! Great timing on that family (main pic).

  2. Thanks for dropping by Alaric! Long time no hear ah. =)

  3. Sa Pangasinan ako lumaki, pero hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Dasol :|

  4. Mica
    It's one of the better beaches I've been in, ang hirap lang puntahan! :)