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Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Beach at Club Paradise Coron

We laid our bare feet at the white sand beach of Dimakya Island and surveyed the area—the water sparkled like a million diamonds.

The Diamond Sea, as one experimental rock band from the nineties calls it. Club Paradise is the second secluded resort we visited since flying from Manila the day before, but unlike at El Rio Y Mar, we weren’t staying here for the night. We were here for two things. Breakfast and snorkeling.


The Beach at Club Paradise Coron

Club Paradise Coron occupies the whole Dimakya Island. One has to ride a boat from the mainland to get here. In our case, we rode a speedboat. From El Rio y Mar, it only took some minutes before we were going back down again.

But in case you’re coming from Busuanga Airport, the transfer would take more or less an hour at ₱1,500.00 per person.

Ocean Restaurant at Club Paradise Coron

After a warm welcome by Club Paradise’s sunny staff, we were ushered to their rustic Ocean Restaurant. Their breakfast fare, which is complimentary for an overnight stay, consists mostly of Filipino favorites.

Buffet Breakfast at Club Paradise Coron

Sinangag, tocino, fried bangus, adobo, eggs. And yes, they have crispy bacons! I swore I’d never have rice during this trip, but I just can’t help myself.

I thought that was it, but Club Paradise was kind enough to tour us around the island before we hit the water.

The Swimming Pool at Club Paradise Coron

At the back of their restaurant are the clubhouse, dive center, and the swimming pool. It looked really inviting, but the draw of the beach, which was just a few feet away from the pool, was simply much stronger for me.

Cabana Veranda at Club Paradise Coron

We then proceeded to their cabanas fronting the beach. I love how tropical the veranda is; the wood-plank floors, the rattan furniture, the sawali walls, the bare wooden posts.

And there’s even a hammock to laze around in. Perfect.

Room Interior at Club Paradise Coron

Inside, the feel of the tropics continues, mixing with seamlessly with modern comforts.

The room is air-conditioned and the bed looks comfy and spacious. There are no television sets inside—but really, who needs one when you’re in Palawan.

Toilet and Bath at Club Paradise Coron

Their toilet and bath are a bit basic, but they do have a rain-type showerhead—that’s always a plus point for me. Linens and toiletries are all provided for, of course.

Lagoon at Club Paradise Coron

Circling the island, we passed a lagoon where wild birds hang out. I spotted a bird species I wasn’t too familiar with but something more interesting caught my eye. An unknown thing moving just below the water’s surface. At first I thought it was an alligator, but it turns out to be something more benign—a big-ass lizard of some sorts.

Beachfront Rooms at Club Paradise Coron

We peered inside more rooms. Club Paradise has a variety of quarters divided into five categories; beachfront cottages, seaview, gardenview, hillside, and islandview rooms. The most expensive runs at ₱17,000.00 per night during peak season, while the cheapest is at ₱11,000.00 during lean months.

Beautiful Landscape at Club Paradise Coron

Rounding a bend and climbing a huddle of huge, sharp rocks, we found that we have now gone full circle.

The view from this vantage point was just fantastic. The photographer in me wished we could have at least stayed even for just one night. I would’ve loved to take a snap of this place during sunset.

Snorkeling at Club Paradise Coron

But those thoughts soon floated away as soon as we swapped our cameras for snorkels and fins. It was time to swim!

The guys at Club Paradise gave everyone a waterproof pouch for our camera phones to document our swim. Unfortunately I wasn’t that comfortable dunking my phone in the water, so after a few test shots, I left it back on shore.


Club Paradise Coron

And it was with much disappointment that I did so.

Club Paradise’s underwater is awesome.

How awesome? It was my first time to see a sea turtle, and not just a simple sea turtle, it has a remora ray clinging at its back. A giant clam was also in the menu, so was a school of silvery fishes so numerous it’ll make your head spin. The clarity of water was also amazing.

And I have a total of zero photos for these. I’m telling you, you’d have to see this paradise for yourself.

Club Paradise Coron ►CHECK RATES
Address: Dimakya Island, Coron, Palawan
Contact Number: (0917) 815-8678
GPS Coordinates Map: 12.234563, 120.088202

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  2. I super love Coron! it's my self-proclaimed province hehehe... I have yearly trips to Coron and EVERYTIME, it never fails to take me my breath away... Club Paradise is my dream destination too! man, you're blessed because you were able to go there... I read that manatees inhabit that place have you seen one?

    1. We did see a dugong near Club Paradise! Silhouette nga lang sya from the water's surface pero pwede na rin :)