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Zipline Inn at Tibiao, Antique

Are we there yet? Our vehicle meandered through the dark and narrow roads of Barangay Tuno in the town of Tibiao, Antique. Coming from a very entertaining cultural show at the University of Antique, we were now on our way to our beds; the said beds, on a seemingly remote and unreachable part of Antique’s hilly area.
Zipline Inn at Tibiao, Antique The lights were out as we finally alighted from our van. At last we were at the Zipline Inn, but we can’t see anything. It was brownout in the area and the staff had to lead us with lamps to our rooms.

I have no idea what the place looked like until the next morning. All I know are there are trees and greeneries all around, lots of them.

Zipline Inn at Tibiao, AntiqueThere are actually no zipline at the Zipline Inn; it’s name coming from the nearby zipline in the area.

Its cottages are all kubo-inspired. The walls, floors and railings are made of bamboo and the roof is made of thatch. The room we slept in only has a single bed; but that didn’t pose a problem even if we were three in the group. Comfy cots were provided for on the floor.
Zipline Inn at Tibiao, AntiqueThe room has its own toilet and bath, but don’t expect too much. The amenities are very basic; it is a kubo after all. There’s no air-conditioning but it isn’t really a problem since the interior is quite cool due the bamboo-slatted walls and floors.
Zipline Inn at Tibiao, AntiqueAn open-aired dining area is located at the central part of Zipline Inn. So even if our rooms have their own verandas, we really didn’t hang out there that much. We really preferred the dining hut not only for meals, but also for drinking and tagay-story sessions (for nights when we can’t find any beer in the area).

I suggest that you buy cases of beer before checking in as the nearest sari-sari store is miles and miles away.
Zipline Inn at Tibiao, AntiqueEverything’s as simple as can be at the Zipline Inn; native huts, non-aircon rooms, utilitarian bathrooms, simple beds. But what really sets it apart from other places I’ve stayed at is its very natural atmosphere. I love how we’re so surrounded by nature. How their pathways are unpaved. How scenic the view is.

It somehow made me think of buying a property similar to this to retire in (browsing through Lamudi Philippines, in 4… 3... 2... 1…). But that is if ever I win in the lotto haha.

Zipline Inn
Address: Brgy Tuno, Tibiao, Antique
Contact Number: (0920) 499-6903 | (0919) 579-5436
Rates: Php500.00 (Good for 2)

GPS Coordinates:

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, June 10, 2014


  1. Hi! Is 500 already for two people or 500/head?

    1. Please contact them directly for an updated rate. :)

  2. Hi, how did you reach this brgy po? Kailangan po bang mag hire ng van to go here or meron lang mga buses/tricycles from the nearby terminals na pumupunta dito? Thanks

    1. I think there are tricycles that go to this area :)

    2. Hi Guys,

      I just visited this place and stayed here. No Tricycles here tgey operate on scooters/motorcycle. We got dropped off by private van and got picked up. If your an outdoorsy type of person Tibiao is amazing!!!

    3. Hi Vera! Thanks for that information! I guess, you're referring to habal-habal, right? :)

  3. Hi Christian,

    I wish it was habal habal, unfortunately its just a regular motorbike. I actually didnt see habal habal sa Antique 😢. Would be a good experience.

  4. Hi Christian,

    I wish it was habal habal, unfortunately its just a regular motorbike. I actually didnt see habal habal sa Antique 😢. Would be a good experience.