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Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

The sky was sullen gray as we entered the Sira-an Hot Spring at the town of Anini-y in Antique. Actually, it was the ideal weather for taking your clothes off and dipping down at the steaming pools of Sira-an. Add in a bit of drizzle and it would’ve been perfect.

Well, except that there were too many people who probably have that same thought; and the resort was almost filled to brimming when our group from Antique’s Katahum Tours arrived.

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

I once thought of dropping by Sira-an Hot Spring some months back when I first checked out the neighboring Anini-y Church. Unfortunately, time was something I was lacking back then and I had to be content on looking at its gates as the bus I was riding on sped past.

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

This time, I finally have the time to enter the resort and inspect its pools and huts. We were encouraged to swim but there were simply too many people. Add in the thought that we’d have to drag our wet clothes all the way with us until evening around Antique; everyone agreed it’s best that we simply have a look-see.

Sira-an Hot Springs is located at the craggy cliff-edge of Anini-y; one side fronting the highway, the other facing the stretch of Sulu Sea (a marine sanctuary, I was told). Nogas Island can be seen on the horizon and one can actually book a trip for a fee from the resort (Php500.00 per boat, good for 10 persons).

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

Sira-an has numerous pools facing the sea. The waters from these is said to have a whitish speck where the name of the resort originated from; resembling crumbled powder bits like a woman’s ruined (nasira) face foundation.

Although I really wasn’t able to have a dip, I did try out their pools, dipping down to my knees. The water is quite hot, although not as scalding hardcore as Coron’s Maquinit Hot Spring.

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

There are several huts available both for day-trippers and overnighters. Rates start at Php150.00 for the former and Php600.00 good for 4 persons for the latter.

But since we were really not gonna be staying long, we only paid for the Php20.00 entrance fee. Very affordable, although locals have it better since they have a Php5.00 discount. Honestly, it’s definitely not the best looking hot spring resort out there, but with such a measly fee, you won’t hear me complaining.

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

Sira-an Hot Spring has its own spacious cafeteria and bar, although I’m quite sure guests are allowed to bring in their food. I didn’t see any corkage fee posted anywhere.

Sira-an Hot Spring in Antique

Outside the cafeteria, I can see an unfinished part of the resort; some scattered and dilapidated huts and an empty pool; probably for future expansion.

I would have loved to stay at Sira-an Hot Spring, have a relaxing time and do nothing but stare at the sky and sea, but for the second time, it simply wasn’t meant to be. Maybe on my third visit to Antique. Crossing fingers I’d have these same sullen skies with me then.

Sira-an Hot Spring
Address: Brgy. Nato, 5717 Anini-y, Antique
Contact Number: (0947) 315-6766 | (0917) 498-9652
Entrance Fee: Php20.00
Day Hut Fee: Starts at Php150.00
Overnight Rooms Fee: Starts at Php600.00
GPS Coordinates: 10°25'18.7"N 121°56'27.9"E

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Saturday, June 7, 2014


  1. There's an island across the spring resort called Nogas Island :)

    1. Indeed, there is! Haven't been to the island though, but I hear good things about it.