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Ginisang Monggo at Vbots Lutong Bahay

The province of Antique is not really known for its cuisine. I haven’t seen that many restaurants during our Katahum Tour’s Manggad Kang Antique Heritage Tour, our meals usually hosted by Flord Calawag of Tibiao Fish Spa.

But we did get to eat on some of the local eateries in the province once in a while. Emphasis on the word eatery. This is quite understandable since Antique’s tourism is still in its relative state of infancy.

Here are some of the food places we got to try while in Antique.

Floring's Carinderia in Antique

F L O R I N G ’ S   C A R I N D E R I A

Located in the town of Bugasong, Floring’s Carinderia is basically a humble, bare hollow blocks and cogon hut that sits right beside the highway amongst farm fields. It looked like your ordinary carinderia, but their dishes blew us away. We ate an early dinner here during the second day of our tour.

Native Chicken Adobo at Floring's Carinderia in Antique

Floring’s specialty is native chicken adobo. It took a while for our orders to arrive as they were prepared as we ordered them.

What differentiates their adobo from all the adobos out there? Well, it is made from native free-range chickens and fused with atsuete and siling labuyo. These are said to much tastier than poultry-farm ones.

Atchara at Floring's Carinderia in Antique

And we can indeed testify that it is indeed tastier. As further proof, Floring’s consumes up to forty native chickens in a single day for its patrons. It’s not dubbed as the house that adobo built for nothing.

Served with the native chicken adobo and rice is a plateful of atchara. Something you wouldn’t quite expect for an adobo combination, eh?

Address: Ilaures Junction, Brgy. Ilaures, Bugasong, Antique
Contact Number: (0927) 542-1917
GPS Coordinates: 11°00'35.8"N 122°02'59.2"E

Teren-Teren at Antique's Tibiao Bakery

T I B I A O   B A K E R Y

An institution in Antique; Tibiao Bakery is named after its hometown in the province. It has been serving baked goods for Antiqueños for more than sixty years now. It’s so popular that it even has nine branches in Iloilo City besides the two in Antique.

Antique's Tibiao Bakery

It serves all sorts of pastries, from teren-teren breads (named after train, since it resembles linked carriages), to mamons, biscochos, buttersticks, paboritas, macapuno buns, ugoy-ugoy and siopaos.
Mamon Special at Antique's Tibiao BakeryWe of course got to try everything. And me, being allergic to anything sweet, has to vote for their siopaos as a favorite. That doesn’t mean their other stuff suck though; point in fact, everyone was raving about their biscochos, a delicacy more native to Iloilo than Antique.

Address: D.L. Bandoja Street, Tibiao, Antique
Contact Number: (036) 653-0048
GPS Coordinates: 11°17'19.9"N 122°02'10.1"E

Vbots Lutong Bahay in Antique

V B O T S   L U T O N G   B A H A Y

Before going back to Iloilo City, we passed by Vbots Lutong Bahay for our final lunch in Antique. Similar to Floring’s Carinderia, it is also located on the main highway of the province with both its sides surrounded by lush rice fields.

Carne Frita at Vbots Lutong Bahay

As its name suggests, most of the dishes being served at Vbots’ are home-styled food every Filipinos are familiar with, but with a twist, everything is cooked Kinaray-a style.

From platefuls of carne frita (which looks like bistek), ginisang monggo with gata, kinilaw na labanos, nilagang baka and pata to adobong atay at balun-balunan.

Nilaga at Vbots Lutong Bahay

I love their carne frita which was so tender and flavorful. I also adored their nilagang baka and pata. It was so spicy my nose came running after every sip! The kinilaw na labanos was really not for my taste buds, so was the balun-balunan (although my friends love it).

Address: Tibiao, Antique
GPS Coordinates: 11°16'57.7"N 122°02'18.1"E

Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Monday, June 23, 2014


  1. Kelan ba ulit may gala sa Antique? Hindi pa ako nakakapunta laging fail ang plano :|

    1. Maybe next year? I'll contact you Mica pag meron ulit :)