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Tibiao Fish Spa in Antique

Dipping your feet on foot-high water and having it nibbled by three-inch fishes is not for everyone. It may look as simple as say, having your nails trimmed, but for some people, it’s as unbearable as having a mountain lion gnaw your arms.

Well, okay that’s too much.

But heck, the screeches I heard from some of my companions while we’re having our fish spa would really make you think twice before dipping your foot down for them fishes to feast on.

Tibiao Fish Spa in AntiqueFor our Katahum Antique tour, our day usually ends at the Tibiao Fish Spa.

Just before dinner, we let these cute little fishes have theirs first. The dead skins off our feet seemed the perfect fiesta dish for them. They nibble and nibble and nibble. There seemed to be no filling these fishes.

Tibiao Fish Spa in AntiqueTibiao Fish Spa is Flord Calawag’s pet project (the man behind Antique’s Katahum Tours). Having seen numerous fish spas in Manila, he dreamt of putting up one in his hometown in Antique. He experimented with different fishes before finding a suitable local variety that has a special taste for dead skins and ugh, feet.

Tibiao Fish Spa in AntiqueThis is actually the first time I’ve tried this therafish, as they call it. I’ve seen quite a few of these while in Phuket's Bangla Road, but I didn’t have the time to try it then.

And okay, I can understand all that shrieks and screeches. It is a bit ticklish at first but once you get the hang of it, it is actually quite relaxing. And yes, you get to feed those cute little fishes too. Tit for tat. Everyone happy. 

Tibiao Fish Spa
Address: Tibiao, Antique 
Contact Number: (0919) 813-9893
Website: Click Here

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Posted by Christian Sangoyo on Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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