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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It’s just a few hours before the year ends and I’ve just decided to do another travel year ender. I’m one of those bloggers who almost always post an article everyday, but the past few days have seen a trickle of posts from yours truly. It’s the holidays I guess. It’s just so tempting to forget about everything and simply do nothing.

Wake up. Eat. Watch TV. Eat. Surf the net. Eat. Watch TV. Sleep.

That’s been my routine for the past week now.

But before the year ends, let me clear up the cobwebs now slowly building up at the corners of Lakad Pilipinas and have a peek at the year that was.

  T W O   T H O U S A N D   T W O   H U N D R E D   S E V E N T Y   O N E   I M A G E S   O F   J A N U A R Y

  Silent rice fields, muddy rivers and twinkling night skies. Nueva Ecija.
  Booming waterfalls, craggy landscapes, fallen pillars, eons-old tree and rushing waves. Aurora.
  Swirling bare-footed crowds in maroons and unending devotion. Manila.
  Kids dancing, strange costumes, sweet wafers and crosses submerged on water. Bulacan.
  White sand, full rainbows, sparkling blue waters, jumping kids and sexy girls. Oriental Mindoro.
  Delectable home-cooked dishes and old ash-buried churches filmed for TV. Pampanga.

  O N E   T H O U S A N D   S E V E N   H U N D R E D   F I F T Y   S E V E N   I M A G E S   O F   F E B R U A R Y

  Seclusion in a beach resort, millions of bats, multi-tiered waterfalls and a six-starred wonder. Davao Del Norte.
  Restaurant hopping, flying through the air, roaring with the lions and getting drunk. Zambales.
  Smoking bees, flying nemos, dancing under skyscrapers, bagnets and first meetings. Makati.

  T W O   T H O U S A N D   T H R E E   H U N D R E D   S I X T Y   O N E   I M A G E S   O F   M A R C H

  Angry masks, strange art, a truck of photographers and a fiery sunset. Rizal.
  Underground wonder, hidden coves, towering karsts, powder beach and near-death experiences. Palawan.
  University calendar, cobblestoned streets and being on the road. Published.
  Thirteen churches, prayers and thanksgiving for a new life. Metro Manila.

  T H R E E   T H O U S A N D   S I X   H U N D R E D   F O R T Y   T H R E E   I M A G E S   O F   A P R I L

  Playful geishas, bright neons, soaring towers, old castles and rains of Sakura. Japan.
  Old haunted hotels, four by fours, deserts, lost and drunk. Ilocos Norte.
  Five vans of photographers, stone churches, crowded waterfalls and a food binge. Laguna.
  Booming drums, colorful costumes and decadent street dancing. Manila.
  Black and white, birds in flight, seven. First Prize.
  Hidding waterfalls, blindingly azure beach, the night lights and swirling giants. Ilocos Norte.
  Hellish boatride, curachas, beers, underwater forests, moonlit beaches, magical falls and the best pancit. Cagayan.

  T W O   T H O U S A N D   S E V E N   H U N D R E D   S I X T Y   S E V E N   I M A G E S   O F   M A Y

  Volcanic craters, tiger safari and walking on wires. Published.
  Buzzing bees, busy ants, squawking chickens and silent camels. Cavite.
  Swinging cameras, white crosses, dinosaur bones, science and street food. Taguig.
  Tanks, guns, marines, photographs, escorts, kids, almost whales and pristine beaches. Sulu.
  Colorful fabrics, flocks of pigeons, closed museums. Zamboanga.

  N I N E   H U N D R E D   T H I R T E E N   I M A G E S   O F   J U N E

  Waving flags, secret rooms and brick churches. Cavite.
  Crispy bagnets, garlicky longanisas and crunchy empanadas. Published.
  High-blood inducing noodles, rows of beautiful old churches, big-ass siopaos, beaches and strange lights. Iloilo.
  Carabeef, noodles, eggs and whatnots. Quezon City.
  Photo Blog, Globe Awards. Finalist.
  Regional swanky cafe souvenirs. Completed.

  O N E   T H O U S A N D S   F O U R   H U N D R E D   E I G H T   I M A G E S   O F   J U L Y

  Steaming bulalo soup, old churches in new light, beer and backpacks. Cavite.
  Unknown island, hiking roads, failed grills, pancit habhab, rockbar, rivers and seas. Quezon.
  Hot gas, twin falls, pink sand, grand welcomes and giant lobsters. Sorsogon.
  Rock and rolling to the perfect cone, spicy dishes, luxurious stay, windswept caves and first dive. Albay.

  O N E   T H O U S A N D   E I G H T   H U N D R E D   S E V E N T Y   S I X   I M A G E S   O F   A U G U S T

  Lines, shadows, light and composition. Judged.
  Dials, flashes, apertures, shutters and lenses. Bought.
  Bagged nuts, car blessings, a sought-after pancit and unending art. Rizal.
  Best of the best, tips and advices. Published.
  Old school coffee, pastries, food, food and more food. Iloilo.
  Handicrafts, pulling nets, ancient churches, boiling kawas and rushing river. Antique.
  Raging seas, old friends, rains and rusty towers. Guimaras.
  Powdery sand, cheap barbecues, long walks, colorful fishes and cheap Redhorse. Aklan.
  Curious contraptions, unreadable codexes, mysterious smiles and food tasting. Taguig.

  O N E   T H O U S A N D   S E V E N T Y   T W O   I M A G E S   O F   S E P T E M B E R

  Crispy fishes, piping hot soup, non-stop laughter, gossips, beers and mushrooms. Cavite.
  Succulent seafood, non-stop buffets and cakes. Birthday.
  Stormy seas, rains, diverted trips, beers, staycation and a walk in the dark. Oriental Mindoro.

  O N E   T H O U S A N D   S I X   H U N D R E D   N I N E T Y   T H R E E   I M A G E S   O F   O C T O B E R

  Mornings at the bay, kids playing, men sleeping, bicycles, photographers and streets. Manila.
  Cancelled flights, chilly mornings, towering pines, night markets, country songs and beers by the road. Benguet.
  Images, travel and lust. Published.
  Lumbering elephants, double rainbows, unending rains, verdant karsts, James bond, tuktuks and massage. Thailand.

  S I X   H U N D R E D   N I N E T E E N   I M A G E S   O F   N O V E M B E R

  Busted white beetles, family gatherings, candles, fiery sunset and raging seas. Zambales.
  Choirs singing, actress belting, lights swinging and food crunching. Quezon City.
  Cellphones, camera crews, a Chinese district, the bay, carnival and lights. Nokia Shoot.

  S I X   H U N D R E D   E I G H T Y   E I G H T   I M A G E S   O F   D E C E M B E R

  Lighted lanterns, group hug, beers, taco and a night view of the metro. Rizal.
  Rad rides, river crossings, angry seas, twilight skies, infrareds, idyllic scenes and the provincial life. Zambales.

From Luzon, to the Visayas, all the way to Mindanao; we’ve yet another three hundred sixty five more days to fill up with additional images and memories.

Tara, lakad pa tayo.

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  1. More lakad, more photos coming up this year 2014. :)

    1. Hopefully Marco, and Batanes is not a bad way to start it off :)

  2. Love your photos. Keep shooting!

  3. At isang milyong saludo sayo idol sa mga magagandang photos mo na inishare mo sa mga readers na tulad ko :) hapi new year!

    1. Isang milyong pasasalamat din sa patuloy nyong pagbisita :)

  4. lovely photos! keep em coming. :)

    1. Thank you Nathalie, I promise I will keep them coming :)

  5. Happy new year, Sir! Thanks for inspiring my 2013 through your posts and photos! 2014 will be greater! (:

  6. I'm back from my travel blogging hiatus and your blog is among the first that I opened in 2014. Nice year-end blog post. The number of photos you've had published in 2013 is simply amazing!

    1. Thank you Edelito! Medyo tipid pa ko sa shooting nyan, I'm not as trigger happy as I was before haha

  7. Amazing shots! More to come this year... Happy 2014!

  8. I am always a fan of your photographs, Sir Christian...Looking forward for another wave of awesome photos this 2014!

  9. Hands down!!! I wanna be like you someday. TRAVELISTA&LITRATISTA all in one. You are an inspiration indeed.

  10. I love the pics! Sana matuto akong kumuha ng mga ganyang litrato... Sayang din dahil kung saan-saang lupalop na ako napapadpad ngayon hehe

    Happy new year! More travels to you!!! :D

  11. Nakakainggit, hindi lang yung mga kuha kundi pati yung dami ng lakwatsa!

    1. Medyo relaxed na nga ngayong taon ang lakwatsa, Klaris. Last year, na stress talaga ako sa dami haha