PUBLISHED | Photographer of the Week at Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Lakad Pilipinas at Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect

I was barely a year into photography when Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect came out of the woodwork. I waited with anticipation as each Tuesday, a portion of the spreadsheet is dedicated to everything photography. The highlight usually is the Photographer of the Week, and I read on as one by one, my photography heroes were featured across its colorful pages.

Lakad Pilipinas at Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect

I thought of submitting my limited portfolio back then, but hesitated.

I’m not sure if they’re at par with the big names being heralded across its pages. Years passed and I forgot my newbie dream of being one day featured at Picture Perfect.

Lakad Pilipinas at Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect

And then came an e-mail from Ronald Jaime, Picture Perfect’s editor in chief. A series of correspondence issued, with renowned photographer Jojie Alcantara finally closing it with the following words:

Hi, Christian. I hope I did justice to my submitted article on Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect section about you next week. Congratulations, and if ever you pass by my beloved Davao, look me up so we can shoot together. :-)

It was one thing to get a message from someone as respected as her, and another to get a two-page article in a daily written by the same guru. I was totally humbled.

Lakad Pilipinas at Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect

I was sitting one chilly morning in Baguio City, having breakfast at the lobby of Baguio Holiday Villas, when the day’s paper arrived. Thank you Picture Perfect for fulfilling my almost half-decade long yearning to be featured in your pages. It was well worth the wait.

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