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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Digital Photographer Philippines' 50 Tips from Philippine Photography's Best

Some months ago, Digital Photographer Philippines texted me asking for a single-sentence advice for their upcoming issue. I sent them one and frankly forgot about it. What’s a one-liner right?
Digital Photographer Philippines' 50th IssueYesterday, I was browsing through the magazine’s most recent issue (their fiftieth!) and chanced upon that one sentence I sent them. It was featured on their 50 Tips From Philippine Photography’s Best.

From Philippine Photography’s Best. The title echoed in my head for some moment before Earth called me back.

I was just a single one sentence, but it sure as heck made my day.

Lakad Pilipinas, Published at Digital Photographer Philippines' 50 Tips from Philippine Photography's Best

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  1. dun ako naka focus sa isang magazine Christian. hehehe. Anyway. Ayos bro. na feature na naman.:-).

  2. Congrats poidol! Hahaha ako ulet ung minion mo haha

  3. Hi Ms. Michi!

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    All the Best to you and your family!