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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

Still dazed from a night of beerless talk at one of the dugouts of Camp Peralta, we gingerly descended a hand-strewn path towards Kalikasan Falls. Our group holed up at the town of Jamindan in the province of Capiz. It was the first time I spent a night at a military camp and we were unsure if beers were allowed.

Beautiful Morning at Camp Peralta, Capiz

The morning shone bright as we boarded a military truck towards one of the five waterfalls that has been discovered inside Camp Macario Peralta. Military camps are not usually jotted down into itineraries by travelers, but this 33,310-hectare camp in Capiz is actually planning to open their gates to eco-tourism.


The Trail to Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

The path wound down as we navigated the uncountable steps towards Kalikasan Falls. I asked our military escort, a member of the Philippine 3rd Infantry Division, how they discovered these nature sites. He readily replied that these were accidental discoveries from their woodland training exercises inside the massive camp. This guy’s prepped like a tourist guide!


Bamboo Hut Overlooking Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

The gurgle of rushing water shot into hearing as we approached the far end of the stepped trail. A bamboo hut perched above a ledge signaled the end of our descent. From here we can already see the raw beauty of Kalikasan Falls.

Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

Moss covered the rough steps that led towards the basin of the waterfall. It took a bit of concentration to navigate these as a wrong move might send me and my camera spilling down the sides. The height was no more than a few meters but it’s enough to get my camera smashed, I suppose.

Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

Kalikasan Waterfall rises to about twenty five feet in height. It’s not the highest I’ve seen, but I love how intimate it looked with its water basin enclosed by dark rock walls. It somehow reminds me of the secret waterfall in Iligan, the much harder to reach Kalubihon Falls.

Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

I noticed that the military peeps have already tamed this waterfall by placing a water barrier to contain its basin. Like most falls, its water is freezing cold. Its natural pool goes to about knee-deep in the first few steps but becomes deeper as you near the cascade.

On the Way Back from Kalikasan Waterfalls in Camp Peralta, Capiz

It only took us a few minutes of splashing about before the coldness of Kalikasan Waterfall got to us. Without proper towels, we simply put our shirts back on again and started the knee-cracking climb back up to civilization of Camp Peralta.

* Please contact Camp Peralta first before planning your trip to this falls

Kalikasan Falls
Address: Camp Macario Peralta, Jamindan, Capiz
Contact Number (Fort Bonifacio): (0905) 344-1218, (02) 845-9555 loc. 4151 | (02) 765-4151
Entrance Fee: Free
GPS Coordinates Map: 11.393586, 122.444061

Capiz-Aklan Series

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  1. Wow! Mas ok na ngayon yung trail going down compared to 2 years ago na pumunta ako diyan. :)

  2. Wow! Mas ok na ngayon yung trail going down compared to 2 years ago na pumunta ako diyan. :)

  3. Kuya! Wow I remember this day! :) Awesome photos. Makes me want to visit Jamindan again. :) See you soon.

    1. Thanks Regine! Kalikasan Falls is beautiful diba.
      Travel ulit tayo with Greg soon :)

  4. I have lived at Camp Peralta for almost 3 years at their apartment for the soldiers,of course as a soldier's wife with my two kids.Until we moved to the city I only visiting my husband on weekends if he can't be home due to his duty schedules and of if I don't have an engagements and stayed at the ATF-the guest house.
    But I haven't been there at KALIKASAN FALLS and MALINAHOM FALLS.Maybe my next visits.
    But a bit scared of steep clffs.
    But its beautiful and enchanting.
    Blessings to the 3ID for preserving the environment.

    1. Hi! Kalikasan Falls is really not that hard to access. It isn't as steep as the Malinahom Falls, which I also wasn't able to go to due to its remoteness.