AKLAN | The Seven Pools of Jawili Falls

Monday, January 27, 2014

Huffing and puffing, I made my way towards the hundred-foot apex of Jawili Falls in Tangalan. Its numerous basins came into full view as I reached its highest elevation. I counted and reached up to seven. I mounted a camera on my tripod and heaved a sigh, I finally reached one of the not-so-famous waterfalls of Aklan.

Coming from a four-day tour of Capiz, it was just a few hours since I arrived in Aklan. After quickly dropping my bag at the La Esperanza Hotel Kalibo, I boarded a bus again, this time to the quiet town of Tangalan.

Aklan is known for two things, the world famous Island of Boracay and Kalibo’s Ati-Atihan Festival. Other than that, I haven’t heard anything else about the province. Since I still have two days before my flight back to Manila, I decided to check out places not usually found on the tourist map.


It was already past four in the afternoon when I arrived at the town of Tangalan. From its town center, I boarded a tricycle, asking to be dropped at the falls in Barangay Jawili. The rain poured as I arrived at the foot of the waterfall. Good thing there’s a resort nearby where I was able to take shelter.

From my vantage, I can already see the Jawili Falls, its basin steaming from the falling rain.


A rainbow appeared as the rain tapered off. Quickly gathering my stuff, I headed towards the waterfall.

Jawili Falls is not really that impressive upon first view, but I can see how unique it is. Made from rough limestone, its dark natural pools cascade like gigantic steps carved from a mountainside. Gush of water pour from each basin, creating numerous waterfalls along its wake.

The wet stones making up the waterfalls were slippery but once I saw a concrete steps that led towards the upper levels of Jawili Falls, I decided to risk walking along its surface. Taking my time, the basins of Jawili Falls came to view as my legs led me higher.

From the apex of Jawili Falls, I saw a stream that led deeper into the mountain. The view is both beautiful and mysterious. I so wanted to follow the trail and see where it would lead but the day was already nearing its end. I spent a few minutes of solitude just watching the silent stream before going back down.

I was curious to know how deep Jawili’s natural pools were but it was too inconvenient to swim since I was wearing shoes and have no extra clothes with me. Good thing I spotted a group of teens wading along one of the larger basins of the falls. A quick hello revealed that the pools reach as deep as ten feet on some parts.

That explains the cliff jumping kids I saw earlier.

Before leaving, I descended a rocky slope and checked out the base of Jawili Falls—from its highest level, down to its lowest one. The sun started to dip and I decided to head on. I have two more stops in the sleepy town of Tangalan before the day ends—Jawili Beach and Tangalan Church.

How to Get There: From Kalibo Bus Station, ride a bus that will pass by Tangalan. From its town center, ride a tricycle and ask to be dropped by Jawili Falls.


Jawili Falls
Address: Brgy. Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan
Opening Hours: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Daily
Entrance Fee: ₱10.00
Parking Fee: ₱50.00 to ₱100.00
GPS Coordinates Map: 11.791544, 122.222926  

Capiz-Aklan Series

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  1. Maganda nga at ngayon ko lang nalaman , hindi yata napupuntahan masyado

    1. Yup di nga masyado kilala Kulatipot. If you have a day to spare when in Boracay, I recommend you visit this Jawili Falls :)

  2. Thanks for visiting our humble town sir. Another spot worth visiting next time is our Jawili beach and Afga Point just a few kilometers away from the falls.

    1. I was able to visit Jawili Beach, pero yung Afga Point di ko napuntahan. Maybe next time :)

  3. Thank you Renante! Although pagdating sakin, laging stressful ang trek to waterfalls haha

  4. Hello, goodevening. Do you guys have the contact of the office? Thank you!

  5. You can visit Blue Starfish Resort or Devora Resort at Jawili, Tangalan, Aklan. Just only a walking distance from the Jawili falls.

  6. Preciseyly maganda po talaga yung falls na yan. Often, nearby local tourist go there during summer season. 2 towns away from Tangalan po, you can also enjoy cold spring resort. #proudaklanonhere ☺

    1. I didn't know there's a cold spring in the area! Next time I'll visit it too when I visit Aklan again :)

  7. Super ganda ng jawili falls pagkagaling ng boracay swerte na tour kami ng driver kaso summer kaya di ganu umaagos tubig ng mapunta kami. Till next summer. ��

    1. Yes, Jawili Falls is a good sidetrip from Boracay. Ganda diba?!

  8. FYI, Someone copied this post with the photos. I read your post first that's why I recognized the photos (with your logo).