MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL | Going Back to Ozamiz City from Iligan City

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bus Ride from Iligan City to Mukas Port

I wanted to crack my head against the wall of Rene’s Diner & Pension House at my lack of common sense. I arrived a day ahead of Iligan City’s Waterfalling Adventure 1.0 and I have no idea what to do for the day. I dropped my bag and checked Google Maps. Ozamiz City is just a few hours away from where I was staying.


The Port of Ozamis City

Ozamiz City… Ozamiz City... The Cebu to Iligan ferry I boarded anchored at its port just two hours ago. I should’ve just alighted then to explore the city instead of this roundabout trip I was now planning to do. Pffft… Me and my great travel planning capabilities.

Bus Ride from Iligan City to Mukas Port

A cheap lunch at the nearest carinderia, a jeepney ride to the South Bound Terminal (₱8.00) and I was on the road again. This time aboard a bus (₱70.00) speeding through the national highway en route to Kolambugan’s Mukas Port. I’m going back to Ozamiz City.


Mangroves at Mukas Port

I tried to forget the hours, and not to mention the fares, I wasted as I walked towards Mukas Port. Heavy mangroves line both sides of the road stuck with vehicles waiting entry to the port. Ozamiz City is just three songs away from the pier and motorists and pedestrians are queuing up on their way back to Ozamiz from whatever business they have in Lanao del Norte.

Fish Pens at Mukas Port

The sea, or more appropriately Iligan Bay, eventually showed itself. Its waters reflects the gray sky pregnant with rain. Hundreds of bamboos stick out from the bay forming clusters of fish pens. It looked like a scene from an apocalyptic seafaring movie.

En Route to Ozamis City from Kolambugan

Similar to the crossing between Iloilo City to Guimaras, the RORO ride from Kolambugan to Ozamiz City took only but a few minutes (₱25.00 + ₱3.00 Terminal Fee). The ferry has both an enclosed and open area, which is a good thing since the rain started to really pour as we set sail.

Street Food at Ozamis City

Since it was still raining as my foot touched Ozamiz City, I hurriedly ran to the nearest food stalls along J.P. Rizal Avenue and had myself a taste of the city’s street food. I picked up four sticks of chicken isaws which they curiously call tinae, a stick of betamax, and chorizos which I mistook for my favorite longganisa.

Puso Rice at Ozamis City

Paired with a couple of puso, I excitedly dipped my very early dinner at their sweet sauce. The chorizos were quite hard to eat without proper utensils since they’re all sticking together; biting on a single piece would inevitably bring with it the second one, and so on and so forth. Very, very messy.


Betamax at Ozamis City

The tinae and betamax however were a different story. They were the best ones I’ve ever had! I think it might be due to the sweet sauce that was paired with it. Manileños usually dip these in vinegar swimming with onions, garlic, and red hot chili peppers, but I like how they do it in Ozamiz!

Fishballs at Ozamis City

After finishing off everything and letting out a satisfied burp, I spotted another cart selling more street food near the gates of Fort Sa Cotta. I quickly checked it out. Fishballs for desserts? Haha. The kid was selling home-made fishballs—spooning a sticky mix from a small container and frying it on the spot. I had something similar in Miag-ao Church in Iloilo and they were excellent!

Botsi at Ozamis City

He was also selling what he called botsi. These are deep-fried breaded chicken neck skins (or was it esophagus?). It’s the first time I saw this kind of street food and I immediately grabbed a stick. It was freshly cooked and still hot. I quickly dipped it in the sweet spicy sauce and took a bite. It was superb! Crispy, salty, sweet, and very spicy all at the same time.

I was pretty sure it was super bad for my health but I bought a couple more sticks, it wasn’t everyday that I’m in Ozamiz City. Well, okay it was my second time to drop by Ozamiz City in a single day, but what the heck.

Ozamiz City Location MapMukas Port
Address: Kolambugan Highway, Lanao del Norte
Opening Hours: 4:00AM to 9:00PM
GPS Coordinates Map: 8.104003, 123.841564

Ozamiz City Port
Address: J.P. Rizal Avenue, Ozamiz City
GPS Coordinates Map: 8.139082, 123.845846


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  1. surigao isaw ang ilalaban ko diyan! kailangan mo masubukan. bet ko yung botsi...

    may rason kung bakit ka na-roundtrip christian... at yun ay...