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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Rene's Diner and Pension House at Iligan City

I half-blindly followed the instructions given to me by L to reach our base of operation in Iligan City for the upcoming Waterfalling Adventure 1.0 and the Diyandi Festival. Fresh from my overnight Cebu-Iligan ferry ride, I boarded a Tubod bound jeepney at the city port and asked the driver to simply drop me off at Rene’s Diner & Pension House (now B & C Pension House).

”Where?!” He brazenly asked me. ”It’s just right after the overpass,” I said. He didn’t say anything further. I sure hope he knows where I’m going.

Friendly Staff at Rene's Diner and Pension House in Iligan City

Sure enough, we passed the overpass and there it was. Rene’s Diner & Pension House—our very orange accommodation for our entire stay in Iligan City. I was a day ahead of the others so I have to pay for a night out of my own pocket. Which really wasn’t so bad, their cheapest room is pegged at ₱350.00. It would’ve been better if I have someone to share the room with me though as it comes with two beds.


Rene's Diner and Pension House at Iligan City

The inn’s lobby is located on the second floor of the building, the ground floor being occupied by their café. It’s sunny and spacious with a small television blaring out afternoon shows and telenovelas. A nice place to hang out in especially since the room I got didn’t have a TV set.

Rene's Diner and Pension House at Iligan City

And the room I got? Unfortunately their ₱350.00 backpacker non-aircon rooms were all occupied so I have to get their Standard C room which is a little bit pricier at ₱430.00. Although very spartan in appearance, it has its own toilet & bath and is air-conditioned. It has no television, as I mentioned, but who needs one if you have a very strong Internet connection. And it’s free too!

Cheap Carinderia Meals at Iligan City

I wasn’t really able to try out Rene’s Diner as their prices, although relatively affordable at ₱100.00++ per meal, is still way off my budget. Good thing there are a lot of cheap carinderias near the pension house where a complete lunch cost less than ₱50.00.


Durians Being Sold on the Streets of Iligan City

Another thing that I liked about the Rene’s Pension House is its proximity to vendors selling fresh durians along the highway. Yes, that infamous funny-smelling fruit that Mindanao is so known for. To be honest, I haven’t really tried it yet, let alone smell it. I’m quite excited to have a taste test in the coming days.

Sunrise at Rene's Diner and Pension House in Iligan City

The room I got at Rene’s Pension House didn’t have any good views, which is understandable, with its backpacker price and all. But to compensate, I usually hang out at the fire exit, which was just a few steps away from my door, before the start of the day. A cup of cheap instant coffee goes really well with Iligan’s beautiful sunrise. And that’s more than enough for me.


B & C Pension House (Rene’s Diner & Pension House)
Address: Andrada Compound, Roxas Ave. Ext., Brgy. Mahayahay, Iligan City
Contact Number: (063) 221-3701, (063) 221-8360 | Email:
Room Rates: ₱350.00 to ₱1,400.00
GPS Coordinates Map: 8.224294, 124.240798


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  1. Replies
    1. Have you also tried marangs? I heard they're even better than durians :)

  2. I like marang (madang) than durian.

  3. Looking for safe and clean place to stay in Iligan City. Wish you had pics of the rooms. This looks like a good choice though. Thanks for this post. :)

    P.S. Have you tried durian already? It's a really tasty fruit! Hehe.

    1. Hi Patricia, their rooms are basic no frills one. It was just too bad I wasn't able to take some photos. Yes I did try those durians, quite good!