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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Ozamiz City Cathedral

The first thing I usually ask around for when in a new town or city is their church. Not because I’m super religious or anything, but due in part to my obsession with history for the old ones and interesting architecture for the modern ones. With no idea what the church of Ozamiz City looked like, I hailed a pedicab after feasting on a variety of Ozamiz street food and quickly asked the driver to bring me to their cathedral.

At the Ozamiz Cathedral

All I know is that Ozamiz’ Immaculate Conception Cathedral is one of the places to visit while in Ozamiz City. Well, not that there’s a lot, really. There’s the Fort Sa Cotta near the pier and the controversial Dolphin Island Sanctuary in Sinacaban. And that’s basically it, as far as I know.


The Ozamiz Cathedral Facade

Although the parish has been established since 1789, a very modern cathedral loomed ahead as I entered its white gates. The symmetrical architecture of the church is beautifully executed but no trace of history can be seen from its painted façade.


Interesting Sculpture at the Ozamiz Cathedral

Interesting larger than life sculptures flank the church entrance. A figure, holding a book or a tablet, stepping on another bearded figure, rises on the right side of the cathedral. I’m unsure what it depicts, probably good overcoming evil?

Interior Curves and Lines at the Ozamiz Cathedral

I stepped indoors and was wowed by the interiors of the Ozamiz Cathedral. It looked even more beautiful inside. The rhythm of its arching beams and buttresses gives it a really modern feel. The combination of curving and straight architectural lines really worked well.

Ozamiz Cathedral Transept

And this is echoed along the cathedral’s long transepts where a series of arched beams and columns form a nice tunnel-like rhythm—the geometrically-windowed exterior walls adding texture and illumination to the area.

Ozamiz Cathedral Pipe Organ

But the thing to see at the Ozamiz Cathedral really is its German-made pipe organ. It is the second largest in the Philippines and the only one of its kind in the whole of Mindanao. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a closer look even if I begged and pleaded to be allowed inside the choir loft, even for only a few seconds.


Modern Interior of Ozamiz Cathedral

While old crumbling stone churches are what usually interests me, the Ozamiz Cathedral surprisingly held me at rapt attention even without any historical trappings. I guess the architect in me found a really beautifully designed structure that can hold its own, even if its walls are not made out of coral stones.

Ozamiz City Location MapOzamiz Cathedral
Immaculate Conception Cathedral
Address: Burgos Street, Ozamiz City
Contact Number: (088) 521-0011
GPS Coordinates Map: 8.145882, 123.843350


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  1. I don't see anything remotely historical about it, but it's a beautiful, modern cathedral!

    I don't know where the coral walls reference is coming from, but I'm very glad its walls aren't made of coral!

    1. Hi Hilda, as what Francis said, most old churches in our country is made out of coral stones :)

    2. You can see teh old coral church at Jiminez Misamis Occidental.... 30 minutes away from ozamiz city.

    3. Hi, thank you foe that info! I will try and visit it when I come back to Ozamis :)

  2. Coral Stones are what our most old churches are made from.. sometimes they use Adobe..
    I don't really know the difference, but what I understand, coral stones are fossills.
    They make the difference between the old and modern church edifices.
    I prefer old churches to photograph, it adds to the character, and they mostly have darker ambient light.
    and the Architectural designs are a marvel to those who are interested.

    1. Agree Francis! By the way, coral stones are literally stone corals quarried from the sea and shaped into building blocks :)