CEBU | Swimming with Dried Fishes at Cebu City’s Taboan Market

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Danggits at Cebu's Taboan Public Market

Done with Cebu City’s historical tour, the next and final destination on our list was the Taboan Public Market. We prepared to don our snorkels, we were about to dive with the fishes, dried danggit fishes that is.

Dried Seafood by the Barrels at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketIt’s quite tricky locating the place via jeepney, but we managed to find it in one go. But for the not-so-adventurous ones out there, I recommend taking a cab instead as we have to walk, ask and literally use our nose to locate the famous danggit market.

Tinapa at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketYou can tell you’re near the area once your nose starts wrinkling left and right; the odor of dried fishes is so strong you can smell it a block away. Now here’s where your snorkel would come in handy harharhar.

Sacks of Dilis at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketCebu City’s Taboan Market is considered the central hub of dried fish trading in the island. Even, danggits made all the way from the northbound Bantayan Islands eventually make its way here, albeit at an understandably higher prices.

Mounds of Dried Pusit at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketEven with the terrible fish smell, the market is a staple destination for tourists looking to bring home a bit of Cebu with them. Taboan has all the dried fish you can imagine and more. It has barrels and barrels of the usual Cebu danggits, dried pusits, espadas, fish bones (yup bones), dried shrimps, dilis, dried mussels and basically everything else that you think can be dried.

Dried I'm-Not-Sure-What at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketBut besides that, they also have some pretty strange variation of fishes that would befit a typical Filipino breakfast. Have you tried dried fish tocino with your eggs? Or perhaps dried fish tapa with your sinangag? The variations of dried fishes at Taboan seemed endless.

Typical Danggit at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketWe bought a few kilos of the traditional Cebu danggit at Php490.00 per kilo and have it airport-wrapped by the vendor. A note of warning, when purchasing danggits for pasalubong, make sure that the wrapping is airport-proof, lest you risk leaving your prized pasalubong on the airport terminal because of the stink it would make inside the plane cabin.

Cebu's Chorizo Longganisa at Taboan Public MarketBut enough of dried fishes. Besides danggits, one can also get some local delicacies in the market, like my favorite longganisa. Cebu’s version of my fave breakfast (and err, lunch and dinner) is somewhat similar to Vigan City’s in the sense that the portions are small and circular. The similarities however end there as it tastes totally different from its Luzon counterpart. While Vigan’s is garlicky, Cebu’s version is on the sweet side.

Mini Guitars at Cebu's Taboan Public MarketBefore taking off our snorkels, we also checked Taboan Market for other typical touristy pasalubongs for home; ref magnets, key chains, shirts and cute mini-guitars. We also got a few bags of dried mangos, rosquillos, piayas and otaps. We we were almost done with our shopping, the only thing left unticked on our list were the I ❤Cebu shirts. The same ones we would be changing into to dispose of our danggit-smelling clothes before heading to airport!

Cebu City Location Map

Taboan Public Market
Address: T. Abella st. cor. B. Aranas st., Brgy. San Nicolas Proper, Cebu City
Open Hours: 8AM to 5PM with some stores extend up to 7PM

GPS Coordinates: 10.295412,123.891089
View Location on Google Maps: Click Here

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  1. I love fish tapa! The red dried fishes in your pic. I'm addicted to it! And I miss it, it can only be bought in Cebu! Did you also try to buy it. Fish tocino is also nice...

    1. Di ako nakabili nun Ian, sayang! Di kasi ako sure kung masarap eh..

  2. nice pic of the longganisa! ang cute! :P

    1. Haha thanks! Although I still prefer Vigan City's talaga :P

  3. Cebu longganisa! I once went on a trip with friends to Bantayan Island, and instead of eating at the resort (because we were short on funds), we'd go to the poblacion and buy from the guy in the street corner selling these on a stick and grilling them roadside. We'd also buy "puso" (the rice inside banana leaves?) and Sparkle soda and for a few Pesos we already had a complete meal!

    Great photos! :)

    Daene |

    1. O yeah I remember those! Ang hirap lang nga kainin kasi dikit dikit yung mga portions, di ko makain ng maayos :P

  4. The title "Swimming with Dries Fishes" definitely fits the article. Hahaha! I can bring 'em all and have enough supply for one month!

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