POSTCARDS | The Karsts of El Nido

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Two times in Puerto Princesa, twice in Coron; but never in El Nido. Like most Filipino’s, I thought El Nido was only for the rich folks, but travel bloggers proved me wrong.

The limestone rock formations dotting the turquoise waters of this Palawan town are something else. I have never seen so many craggy rocks overgrown with clinging greens in a single place.

And then the old inevitable question arises; which is more beautiful El Nido or Coron? Let me spend a few more days in this paradise before I give my answer.

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  1. Even Puerto Princesa is teeming with Karsts Mountains. I haven't encountered the word Karsts itself until my Palawan trip. They're a thing of grandeur and beauty.

  2. i envy u.. wish to see that place soon.

  3. Waahha! Ako din gusto ko malaman sagot mo. Hmm.. prang hindi ko nagawa ang mkasaysayang comparative report na yan. Chos!

  4. Don't keep us in suspense too long for your answer.

  5. I hope to see this place in Palawan too - face to face!

  6. honganda! excited for the comparison. :]

  7. Ryan Mach
    Besides Palawan, Caramoan is the only other place na may nakita akong karsts :)

    Mimi, Ian
    Book na sa next seat sale :)

    Francis Balgos, Kura, BertN, Whacky Adventures
    Posted the comparison already here:

  8. i'll take your word on that, i hope to visit this place sometime.. :)

  9. Rian
    The second most beautiful spot in the Philippines for me :)