PALAWAN | Shop & Bite at AbuLeighCious Puerto Princesa

Friday, September 07, 2012

The first thing we looked for as we alighted at the tarmac of Puerto Princesa’s airport was some hot grub to fill our tummy. The ride from Manila was surprisingly fast and undelayed; it was almost like a miracle.

Through a friend, we found AbuLeighCious, a curiously named diner near Holy Trinity University. The name got our attention and we checked it out.

AbuLeighCious is a newly opened bistro that caters mostly to students in the area. Owned and operated by childhood best friends Abu and Leigh who both have a passion for cooking and selling stuff since their teenage years. The tandem decided to open up their own bistro after tiring of the usual food fares around the city.

We asked the couple what their specialties were and they unanimously said burgers. Abu relates that he was so unsatisfied with the burgers he’s been having from the various restaurants and fast foods in Puerto Princesa that he decided to create his own.

Dubbed as Chiz Bur-Grill (Php40.00), the grilled patty is a special mix made from 100% pure beef (a chicken version is also available) by the resto’s owner complete with cucumber, lettuce, onion, tomato, ketchup and mustard. The whole shebang is sandwiched by crunchy custom buns topped with oats.

I must say that it’s one of the best burgers I’ve had in years. The patty has a smoky grilled flavor and the toppings compliment the meat’s flavor very well. Some burger joints make up for its want of flavor by its size, AbuLeighCious’s burgers on the other hand have it another way. The serving size is not that large, just right enough for a quick snack, but the flavor packs a whop.

While waiting for our next dish, we checked out the apparels being sold inside. They have shoes, authentic designer bags, dresses and shirts. Most of them were imported from Thailand. The prices range from Php300.00 upwards but Leigh told us they were going to get a few more affordable items for the students.

Next on our table was their Meaty Spaghetti (php35.00) complimented by Puff Bites (Php20.00/stick).

The spaghetti was good, the flat pasta was firm and the spaghetti sauce is generously spread with chunks of meat and mushrooms. But the best part of the dish was the Puff Bites. These are baked breads with various meat fillings. We tried out their tuna melt and smoked bacon which were both excellent. I love how the fillings melt in your mouth once you take a bite.

The owners, who were very hands on with the cooking told us that their pasta best-seller is their Carbonara, which unfortunately we were too full to try.

While sipping on their Red Iced Tea (Php10.00), we decided to try out one more dish before hitting the road, their pork and shrimp Siomai (Php25.00). Like most of their dish, it’s also made by the owners themselves. The wrapper is very firm, something I prefer over soggy ones and the flavor’s just right especially if you mixed in some chili with the soy sauce and calamansi.

AbuLeighCious food is simply superb. But what really struck us besides their excellent serving is the price. We were exclaiming every time our dishes arrive; the prices were so unbelievably low in relation to the serving size and the taste. I definitely recommend this small diner for anyone looking for excellent food with bang for the buck prices in Puerto Princesa.

    Shop and Bite at AbuLeighCious
    Address: Corner of Quezon and Roxas Street
    In front of Holy Trinity University
    Brgy. Maligaya, Puerto Princesa City

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  1. what? ur back in Palawan?
    Ingit mode on!
    hehehe! 2 weeks nakong tenga..
    I hope you got to visit Calitang beach in El Nido..
    Can't wait for your photo inputs! :)

  2. Interesting. I love these small shops near schools. They're what makes college life bearable. =)

  3. fist photo of urs idol na about food sa nkita ko lang ha :) love it

  4. Waw, ang mura ng mga pagkain ha!!! At 40 pesos lang ang burger?! WAW!!!!

  5. an sarap tignan nung burger. it means masarap talaga

  6. Ayos, me bago. The name itself catches attention.

  7. Francis Balgos
    We did get to visit Calitang, problema lang inulan kami haha

    I agree, ang mura ng tinda :)

    Haha thanks!

    RM Bulseco
    Oo, at really ang sarap nung burger :)

    Actually better than any fastfood burger I've tasted

    Ryan Mach
    Haha oo nga pangalan pa lang kakaiba na, highly recommended tong place na to :)

  8. looks yummy! ah, they're so cute.. i hope they end up together.. :D