POSTCARDS | El Nemo in El Nido

Sunday, September 09, 2012

I’m unable to count the number of times a clown fish tried to stare me down as I glided across El Nido’s warm waters. The underwater life at Star Beach was really good especially near the huge drop in the sea wall. The water’s just around 4 to 5 feet deep before plunging 60 feet down into murky darkness of the drop. Not really the best of swimmer, I opted to stay on the shallower parts where it was easier to get up close and personal with the fishes.

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  1. well hello there nemo! where's dory? hehe

  2. Spaghetti with fish topping.?jejje Ganda ng shot:)

  3. Kulatipot
    Haha oo nga, btw, it seems may malware yung site mo..

    Haha Dory's so hard to shoot, ang likot :P

    Traveling Morion
    Hehehe, seafood spaghetti :)

    Whacky Adventures

  4. well, that sure is one pretty fishy.. :)