ON THE ROAD | End of the Road at Magellan’s Cross

Saturday, June 16, 2012

It’s the sixteenth and last day of my longest road trip so far. It took me to various provinces of the country; from Northern Luzon to Central Visayas and Northern Mindanao. The journey was quite taxing considering there were no plane rides involved throughout, but it was very rewarding nevertheless. The end of my trip commenced at where recorded history began for the Philippines, Magellan’s Cross in Cebu City.

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  1. Now, this photo is something different...I would love to do that someday! Cheers!

  2. The postcard series is such a witty idea! :) Glad you enjoyed your longest roadtrip and yay to new lessons learned along the road. more soon! Godbless!

  3. Wow, wow and more wow! Loving the shot so much. Makes me wanna go back to cebu- as in agad agad. :-D

  4. I thought at first glance is a reflection in a mirror. Nice capture Christian.:-).

  5. GREAT Shot Christian. this is one unique way to shoot this ever famous magellan's cross

  6. Ding, Yamie, Bonzenti, Gvillagracia
    Thanks! I was looking around the shrine and thinking how I can photograph Magellan's Cross in a different angle when I chanced upon the iron grilles :)

    Wander Shugah
    Thank you, it was indeed a very good experience :)