ON THE ROAD | Luzon Visayas Mindanao 16-Day Summary

Monday, June 18, 2012

Please allow me to indulge a bit and share my sixteen-day trail across the country through land and sea. I know it’s really not much compared to long-term hardcore travelers out there, but I feel really proud of this and felt I have accomplished something personally. I’m thankful for the rotating travelers that were with me on parts of the trip and the ones I’ve met on the road, the journey wouldn’t be as colorful without you guys.

I’ll do a more detailed account of this trip some months after, but right now, here’s a mini-postcards summary of my sixteen days on the road.

     DAY 01: En Route to Ilocos Norte

     DAY 02: A Different View of Ilocos Norte

     DAY 03: Longanisa Vigan

     DAY 04: En Route to Dipolog

     DAY 05: Boracay Sidetrip

     DAY 07: Visita Iglesia de Iloilo

     DAY 07: Stranded at the Port of Iloilo

     DAY 08: Quick Breakfast in Bacolod

     DAY 10: Dipolog Sunset

     DAY 11: Hudyaka ZaNorte Festival

     DAY 12: Rizal in Dapitan

     DAY 13: Cebu’s Camotes Island

     DAY 14: The Milkyway

     DAY 15: Beach Bumming at Malapascua

     DAY 16: End of the Road at Magellan’s Cross

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  1. ayaw mong maglakbay! haha!

    grabe kapagod yun pero exciting naman!

    ingat lagi!

  2. salute pre! i followed your whereabouts and happy to see people like you doing long journeys.
    here's to more travels pre

    and oh btw, nice map. san mo nakuha yan? or you made it yourself.

  3. Hindi ka busy!! hindi! hahaha!
    Na sundan ko yata lahat ng post cards. :)

  4. agree with james, ang ganda ng map! ikaw na ang lakwatserong maganda ang map :P

  5. mga magkano kaya ang gastos nyan??

  6. Congrats Christian. This is an amazing feat. :-).

  7. Ako ang napagod sa ginawa mo Tina. Hahahaha. Inabangan ko kaya lahat ng postcards mo. And damn, i'm inspired to do it too in one of my long journeys! Congratualtions CHRISTIAN... Kala ko nga dederetso kayo ng Davao eh. Piniprare ko na sana si Hotel De Olan. Hahahaha.

  8. Vash
    Oo nga eh, sulit na sulit yung trip!

    Sayang sana nag leave ka muna ng two weeks tas sumama ka samin ni Chino hehe

    I made it myself James! Walang binatbat yung travel ko sa 100 days mo pre!

    Salamat sir Ding!

    Haha salamat sa pagsunod :)

    Hehe shempre cartographer ako in a previous life eh hehe

    Thanks po :)

    I think around 15k ata inabot lahat lahat, I was expecting it to be lower ang problem is di accurate yung na research namin na fares ng bus and roro

    Thanks Kuya Bonz!

    Sayang gusto nga sana namin mag Davao kaso may hinahabol na date kasi ako sa Cebu eh, next time :)

  9. Nice meeting you Christian when u jump off at iligan after the last day of your 16 days trip. ^^ Akala ko kasama ang Iligan sa 16 days mo ^^

    Sa susunod isama mo kami ha! Travels become really more colorful with people we met along the way and the friends who come along with us at some part of the journey.

  10. Arlene
    Nasa kalagitnaan pa lang yun Ate Arlene. :)
    I totally agree, it's the people you meet on the road :)