BENGUET | Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant at Baguio City

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It was weird to be suddenly in Baguio without enduring the usual six-hour bus ride from Manila. An hour hasn’t passed yet since we ate lunch at La Union’s Capitol and here we were preparing to chow down again, this time at Baguio’s Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant.

Te Quiero, which literally means I Love You, is one of the newest food joint in the City of Pines. Part of the Microtel hotel in Baguio City, it sits loftily above the towering pines of the city.  
The restaurant has a modern chic interior; white and yellow walls, huge windows, red furniture and lots of textures. I specially love the airy dining hallway that’s lined with red paintings over a stone wall.  On one side Te Quiero’s windows open to the bustling Victory Liner bus station, but look on the other and you’d see nothing but pine tree tops.

I really don’t know what to expect of their food, having no idea what a Tapas Bar was. Stupid me thought it was some sort of posh tapsilogan but upon receiving our food; I’m pretty sure it was not haha. Okay, Wikipedia to the rescue:

Tapas (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtapas]) are a wide variety of appetizers, or snacks, in Spanish cuisine. They may be cold (such as mixed olives and cheese) or warm (such as chopitos, which are battered, fried baby squid). In select bars in Spain, tapas have evolved into an entire, and sometimes sophisticated, cuisine. In Spain, patrons of tapas can order many different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. In some Central American countries, such snacks are known as bocas.

Te Quiero’s name should’ve been a dead giveaway I know, but isn’t the tapa in tapsilog Spanish too (or is it?). Alright I’ll stop before all my eight readers unsubscribe; enough of my dim-wittedness, lets dig in.
For starters, the Lakbay Norte team was served with Calamares & Chips. The calamares was very tender but has enough outside crunch. It compliments the chips and although the dip was somewhat unusual; mashed potato with olive oil and garlic, I really loved it.
Next on our table, Ham & Cheese Panini; this one’s real heavy. We were still full from lunch but that didn’t stop us from wolfing everything down though. These are excellent when hot but with Baguio’s cool weather you better eat ‘em up real fast.
Te Quiero’s Strawberry Shake kept everything shaking. I’m no fan of strawberries but I really love this. The sweetness, sourness and texture are just spot on.

Everyone was gut-bustingly full as we exited from the restaurant. With Te Quieros relaxing ambience and delectable offerings, we just cannot say no; full stomachs and all.

    Te Quiero Tapas Bar & Restaurant
    Microtel Hotel, Marcoville
    Upper Session Road, Baguio City
    Telephone: (074) 619-3333
    GPS Coordinates: 16.406148,120.602621 | Click to view location on Google Maps

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  1. astig!

    kainggit naman yung mga photos mo.. ^_^

  2. I would also love to go to this place if ever i'll get back to Baguio again... For the meantime, i'll try doing my own version of the mashed potato w/ olive oil and garlic muna. haha.. thanks for sharing your wonderful experience! Oh btw, i love strawberry shake ♥ Try ko din at home :-)

  3. ayos! me bagong prospect nakong pupuntahan

  4. Pagkain sa Baguio.. Ang kagandahan sa Baguio ay mura ang mga pagkain.. sabi nila.. hehe..

  5. wow nagutom ako sa panini! ganda ng interiors a!

  6. natuwa naman ako sa indoor pine tree in one of your photos.

  7. lesson learned, i also didn't know what a tapas bar was.. lol! :D

  8. Donnie Ray
    Thanks Donnie!

    Wow you can cook ha!

    The price is a bit steep pero masarap ang food nila sobra :)

    It depends hehe, may mura may mahal; pero mostly mahal :P

    Ganda rin ng view :)

    Turista Project
    Oo nga, it's a nice touch :)

    Haha that makes the two of us :P